How to view your Twitter Timeline in chronological order

How to view your Twitter Timeline in chronological order | Blogging Bistro

Want to control which Tweets you see in your Twitter Timeline instead of letting Twitter decide for you?

This illustrated tutorial shows you how to turn off the “Show me the best Tweets first” feature.

Instructions for desktop, iOS and Android.

Free Bonus: 9-page action plan to help you plan your blogging and social media strategy.

Facebook Branded Content Policy: Should I Panic?

Facebook Branded Content Policy Information |

Facebook released a new “branded content” policy for verified Pages.

Before you panic and shut down your Facebook Page, read this information, gleaned from three reliable sources: Mari Smith, Social Media Examiner, and Facebook.

You’ll also learn the benefits of branded content, and how to verify your Facebook Page.

My first Facebook Live broadcast: Success or crash-and-burn?

Marketing Munchies with Laura Christianson: Episode 1

In Marketing Munchies with Laura Christianson, you’ll get snack-sized video tips to help you improve your website, blog, and social media marketing.

In Episode 1:

  1. The Tale of Boaty McBoatface, or “be careful what you ask for on social media”
  2. Writers: take note of these AP Stylebook updates
  3. Infographic: How Facebook can harm relationships and destroy marriages