The ideal length for blog posts, podcasts, and social updates |

The Ideal Length for Blog Posts, Podcasts and Social Updates

When I teach blogging workshops, someone always asks, “How long should my blog post be?” Find out my answer, and check out the fantastic infographic that suggests ideal word and character counts for a variety of online media.

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Domain Renewal Scams: How to Avoid Being Victimized

Have you received a scary domain renewal notice from a company that is NOT your current registrar? Learn what to watch for and how to avoid becoming a victim of this scam.

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The 3 Best All-Time Tips for Increasing Your Blog's Readership |

The Three Best, All-Time Tips for Increasing Your Blog’s Readership

Since 2004, when I started blogging, I’ve tried every tip imaginable to lure readers. Really, you need to do only THREE things consistently to build your blog’s readership.

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Free GDPR-Compliant Privacy Policy and Other Legal forms for your Website |

Great Deal on Required Legal Forms for Your Website

Get a FREE Privacy Policy for your website (it’s required by law), plus get a great deal on essential legal forms to help you run your business.

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How to Legally Establish, Protect, and Operate Your Business |

5 Vital Action Steps to Legally Establish, Protect, and Operate Your Business

When it comes to the legal parts of setting up and running a business, most of us feel lost and overwhelmed, so we avoid dealing with it.

In this article, we’ll get real about 5 legal protections you need, and I’ll show you some easy ways to implement them.

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Yes, Virginia, There IS a Perfect Length for a Blog Post! |

Yes, Virginia, There IS a Perfect Length for a Blog Post!

Carrie Talbott confesses that her blog posts are “giraffe-like length.” Learn why long posts are fine… as long as you follow one important rule.

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Homophone confusion |

Ever Had a Stake Dinner?

The following sentence appeared in a published memoir:

I challenged him to a hundred yard run with the steakes being a stake dinner for two at the restaurant of the winner’s choice.

The writer demonstrates a common problem: homophone confusion.

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The Professional Writer Podcast with Laura Christianson |

My New Podcast: The Professional Writer

Starting a writing-related business is a learned skill, not a natural-born talent. That’s why I launched a new podcast: The Professional Writer. Together, we’ll explore how to do the right things in the right order so you can confidently plan, launch, and grow your business.

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5 Tips for Staying Motivated to Blog |

5 Tips for Staying Motivated to Blog

If you want to become an expert, it’s critical to practice your craft. But how do you stay motivated to blog over the long haul? Check out these 5 tips.

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What's your 5-word acceptance speech? |

What 5 Words Would Comprise Your Webby Acceptance Speech?

Imagine you’ve just won a Webby Award (the Oscars of the Internet). You get five words for your acceptance speech. What would you say?

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