5 Tips for Staying Motivated to Blog

Posted February 10, 2020 | Laura Christianson

5 Tips for Staying Motivated to Blog | BloggingBistro.com

Here’s a question from a reader:

I’ve started a blog but I’m having trouble keeping my momentum going. Do you have any tips to help me stay motivated?

I can relate, dear blogger! Even bloggers who have an endless stash of ideas struggle to keep up the pace.

You’ve probably heard that if you don’t post regularly, readership will drop off.

You heard correctly.

If you don’t update your blog consistently, you’ll see a decrease in traffic.

The problem with many (most?) bloggers is that they view blogging as a sprint, rather than a marathon.

Blogging is definitely a marathon.

If you’re serious about blogging, you’ve got to commit to producing fresh content week after week, year after year. Those small habits that you do relentlessly as part of your daily schedule will eventually result in big successes.

By “big successes,” I don’t necessarily mean you’re going to become famous or earn a million dollars or have an endless stream of new clients.

Similar to a first-time marathoner, “success” might mean finishing the race.

It might mean you feel satisfied, knowing that you’ve stuck it out over the long-haul and published a body of work you’re truly proud of.

Every marathoner knows that rest and relaxation are critical to the training regimen. That’s why I’m staunchly committed to taking at least one day a week away from my blog, away from my computer, away from any and all enticing electronic devices.

For me, a day off (or two… or three) re-invigorates me for the next round of blogging.

My long-term mental health is worth more to me than a small, temporary drop in readership.

Here are five additional tips for staying motivated:

  1. Write out your goals and refer to them often. A goal-less blog is a lifeless blog.
  2. Exercise. It simultaneously decreases stress and revs up your energy level. (My fave form of exercise is swimming laps. I draft blog posts in my head while getting a great aerobic workout.)
  3. Imagine something you’d like to be doing when you finish your project and make the task a priority. Your “reward” can be as simple as a fist-pump. Or you might fix yourself a healthy snack. Or text your accountability partner, “I did it!”
  4. Keep a photo of your goal in a place where you will see it often.
  5. Sleep. Six-to-eight hours of sleep per night fuels inspiration, clarity, and helps maintain healthy eating. (I’m a light sleeper so this is a struggle. But I vow to sleep more.)

What’s your single, best tip for staying motivated to blog?

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