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Featured on the Podcast and Blog

78 – When Should I Start Marketing My Book?

Authors should never separate writing from marketing. They’re done in concert, much like a choir in which individual voices blend together to create a unified, harmonious sound.

Today, I’ll introduce you to my strategic plan that seamlessly combines writing and editing with branding, platform building, and marketing.

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77 – Protect Your Creative Work: Copyright, Fair Use, LLC, Contracts, with Amy Nesheim

Protect your creative work! Lawyer Amy Nesheim helps us understand (1) The difference between copyright and trademark; (2) 5 steps you can take if someone steals your content; (3) The 4-factor Fair Use test; (4) LLC vs. Sole Proprietorship, and (5) Contracts: rules for the relationship.

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Up your readership

How to UP Your Readership or Listenership

Authors can increase the number of people who sign up for your email list, blog, or podcast by guesting on the podcasts and blogs of those who share a similar audience.

In this article, I explain how I did this, and include several links to help you ramp up your writing life.

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76 – Costs of Marketing and Promoting Your Book, with Amy Connell

“When budgeting for publishing and marketing your book, build in a 10 percent cushion to allow for unexpected expenses.”

As she prepared to publish her debut non-fiction book, Amy Connell discovered the importance of the budget cushion. She shares exactly what spent to create branded promotional products, send influencer copies, and hire niche consultants. You’ll also learn Amy’s secret for creating a free, interactive resource library for her book buyers.

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Grace Fox, Author, Speaker, Coach, Global Worker |

“Laura and her team are amazing. I cannot tell you how highly I regard their skill and integrity. Someone asked me if I have a ‘team,’ and Laura’s name was at the top of my list.”

Grace Fox, Author, Speaker, Coach, Global Worker,