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Featured on the Podcast and Blog

25 Terrific Places to Find Free and Low-Cost Stock Photos Online |

25 Terrific Places to Find Free and Low-Cost Stock Photos Online

When you visit a blog, what’s the first thing about a particular post that catches your attention? Other than the article’s title, it’s probably the image (or images) that accompany the post.

This article includes links to more than 25 services where you can download free or low-cost stock images, illustrations, vectors, icons, and videos.

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8 tips to increase the clickability of your call-to-action buttons |

8 Essential Tips to Increase the Clickability of Call-To-Action Buttons

There’s no point in plastering call-to-action buttons all over your website, blog, or landing page if no one clicks them. Learn 8 easy ways to fix those buttons to increase conversions.

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Emma Fulenwider on GoodDay Sacramento

Why Podcasting and Blogging is Worth The Effort

As a blogger of 18 years and podcaster of 2+ years, I’ve learned that serving my audience rarely results in awards, accolades, or even acknowledgment.

I do a happy dance every time a reader or listener tells me how my podcast or blog is helping them make forward progress in their writing-related career.

Today, I’m sharing a success story from Emma Fulenwider, an author who landed a live interview on a local morning TV show after following the pitching tips she learned from The Professional Writer podcast.

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Get Visibility Through Other People’s Platforms, with Lisa Simone Richards

83 – Get Visibility Through Other People’s Platforms, with Lisa Simone Richards

Want a slew of simple-yet-effective tips to move from “invisible” to “in-demand” by getting featured on blogs, podcasts, magazines, and TV shows?

In episode 83, Lisa Simone Richards, a PR & Visibility Strategist, shares insider secrets for reaching more people without spinning your wheels on social media or wasting money on Facebook ads. Includes extensive show notes so you can follow along while listening.

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Grace Fox, Author, Speaker, Coach, Global Worker |

“Laura and her team are amazing. I cannot tell you how highly I regard their skill and integrity. Someone asked me if I have a ‘team,’ and Laura’s name was at the top of my list.”

Grace Fox, Author, Speaker, Coach, Global Worker,