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Free Video Ecourse: Email Marketing for Writers: 7 Days to Launch Your List, PLUS 22 (Wahoo!) Email Marketing Ideas

Whether you’re starting from zero or seeking to skyrocket your signups, Laura’s 7-day video course (delivered via email), will help you master the basics.

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7 Biggest Website Turnoffs

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Featured on the Podcast and Blog

Essential Contact Info You Must Display on Your Website

A website with no contact info is like a store with no salespeople. In this short video and tutorial, you’ll learn why you MUST display contact info, and where to put it.

Plus, get a free website page planner.

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How to Send Visitors Away from Your Website in Two Seconds or Less

Your website is your online storefront. Window shoppers form an opinion about your site in 0.05 seconds. 1/20th of a second!

In this article, I’ll show you five things NOT to do on your website.

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Episode 11 - Lisa Bogart

11 – One Writer’s Secret to Staying Sane and Paying It Forward, with Lisa Bogart

Growing up as “a good Catholic girl,” Lisa Bogart gave up something during Lent. One year, Lisa was encouraged to add on something, as a 40-day discipline.

In Episode 11 of The Professional Writer podcast, Lisa reveals what she added on, and how that childhood practice led to a lifelong commitment to share love through her writing, one reader at a time.

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25 Terrific Places to Find Free and Low-Cost Stock Photos Online |

25 Terrific Places to Find Free and Low-Cost Stock Photos Online

When you visit a blog, what’s the first thing about a particular post that catches your attention? Other than the article’s title, it’s probably the image (or images) that accompany the post.

This article includes links to more than 25 services where you can download free or low-cost stock images, illustrations, vectors, icons, and videos.

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Grace Fox, Author, Speaker, Coach, Global Worker |

“Laura and her team are amazing. I cannot tell you how highly I regard their skill and integrity. Someone asked me if I have a ‘team,’ and Laura’s name was at the top of my list.”

Grace Fox, Author, Speaker, Coach, Global Worker,