Essential Contact Info to Display on Your Website |

[Video] Essential Contact Info You Must Display on Your Website

A website with no contact info is like a store with no salespeople. In this short video and tutorial, you’ll learn why you MUST display contact info, and where to put it.

Plus, get a free printable Website Contact Checklist and sign up for Laura’s upcoming FREE Coffee Klatch!

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5 Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before Selling Your Blog |

5 Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before Selling Your Blog

Do you love your blog, but the content is feeling stale? Or perhaps you’re no longer motivated to keep it up. Maybe it’s time to sell it. In this guest column, Jock Purtle shares five things to consider before selling your blog, and suggests four ways to sell your blog.

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Why You Must Own Your Website and Blog |

Why You Must Own Your Website and Blog

Is (aka, Blogspot) really “the slum of the Internet?”

Should serious bloggers avoid Blogspot?

Learn the pros & cons of free blogging platforms vs. hosting your blog on your own self-hosted WordPress website.

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The Logo Design Process, Start-to-Finish |

The Logo Design Process, Start-to-Finish

Creating a logo from the wisp of an idea is an exciting process.

In this case study, you’ll learn the exact steps we go through when we design a logo for a client.

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Website Page Planner |

When Do You Need a Website to Promote Your Business Venture?

How many months (or years) before you open for business should you begin brand-building, blogging, and creating a website that showcases your professionalism?

In my guest post on the Communicator Academy blog, I tell all!

Plus, I have an extra-special free Website Page Planner for you.

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10 Rewards Your Business Will Reap Through a Blog |

10 Rewards Your Business Will Reap Through a Blog

Blogging to promote your business or brand can reap tremendous rewards.

In this guest column, Patricia Forrest helps you discover the benefits of investing time and resources into blogging.

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“One look at an email can rob you of 15 minutes of focus.” |

Does Checking Email Cause You to Lose Focus?

Repeat after me: Today, I vow to shut down my email while I’m working on a project that will grow my business.

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The difference between "blog" and "blog post." |

The Difference Between Blog and Blog Post

Are you using “blog” and “blog post” correctly?

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Help prospective customers get to know, like, and trust you. |

5 Annoying Social Media Mistakes that Cause People to Avoid You

You use social media to help build your brand and your business. But nothing seems to be working.

Could you be making one or more of these five mistakes that send visitors running from you instead of to you?

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The average social media user spends 3.6 hours on social networks every day |

Time for a Digital Detox?

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed by blogging and social media? Consider taking a digital detox.

Learn the benefits of detoxing from digital devices – whether it’s for a day, a week, or longer.

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