New Luxury Airline: Weigh Less. Pay Less.

derrie-air.jpgHave you heard about Derrie-Air, the new “green” luxury airline? They tout themselves as “the only airline that plants trees to offset every pound of carbon that our planes release into the atmosphere.”

They expect their passengers to help protect the environment, too. Because it takes more fuel (i.e., more carbon emissions) to haul heavy planes from point A to point B, Derrie-Air has developed unique, sliding scale ticket prices:

The more you weigh, the more you pay.

A ticket from Philly to L.A. costs $2.25/lb. So, for instance, if you (and your luggage) weigh a total of 150 pounds, you’ll pay $337.50 for a ticket.

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Should I Integrate My Website and Blog or Host Them Separately?

John asks: What are the pros and cons of integrating a blog into a website versus hosting your website and blog separately? John, You obviously recognize the value of having both a blog and a website, and I’m glad of that! I’ve tried both methods you suggest: I’ve created a mega website/blog combo I’ve created […]

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Martha Stewart’s Blog Has Gone to the Dogs

The blogosphere has officially gone to the dogs. Martha Stewart’s French Bulldogs, Sharkey and Francesca, recently launched their own blog, “The Daily Wag.” They’re dipping their paws into social networking scene, too, with four Twitter updates and 1,811 followers as of the time I wrote this post. You’ve gotta credit Martha with being the consummate […]

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HTML-to-PDF Converter – A Handy Tool

Here’s a slick little tool that converts a Web page into a PDF document. It’s called HTML to PDF Converter. I love this because: It’s free. You don’t have to register. I’m constantly making screen shots of Web sites and blogs I create, but I always have to edit the screenshots to remove the toolbars. […]

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When—and How—to Compress URLs

Have you ever received an email with a super-long link in it—a link so long it was unclickable? I certainly have. Enter the amazing URL shrinker, a handy tool that shortens lengthy URLs (web addresses) to 25 or so characters. There are several good uses for URL shinkers: E-newsletters: many services require you to write […]

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