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Carol Loewen — Custom Responsive Design WordPress Website

Carol Loewen and Laura worked together for several months prior to creating her custom WordPress website.

We updated her brand messaging, wrote and edited content for key areas of her website, selected a gorgeous color palette, planned her email marketing strategy, and designed a logo.

Carol’s new website features Carol’s Hope blog (which we imported from her old website), info about her novel-in-progress, and links to recommended books and resources.

“Laura and her team took my vision, preferred colors and styles, and created a beautiful, interactive logo and website. Laura communicates in a very open, encouraging and instructive way. She is very responsive to questions. Laura’s coaching along the way and training after the site launched allow me to use it effectively from the back end, while also being easy for subscribers to navigate. I highly recommend Laura’s coaching, teaching, and web creation and am grateful for the privilege and fun of working with her.”

— Carol Loewen
Author, Speaker
Katherine Scott Jones — Custom Responsive Design WordPress Website

When Katherine Scott Jones decided to revamp her brand messaging, she and Laura worked together to fine-tune her ideal audience profile, develop a “promise statement” for those she serves, and to craft website content and a variety of email lead magnets.

Next, the Blogging Bistro team designed and developed a custom WordPress website, followed by an array of promotional materials: a redesigned book cover, four bookmark designs, seasonal computer wallpapers, frameable graphics in three sizes, and a recommended reading list.

“Laura and her team check all the boxes! Keen attention to detail, clear and timely communications, an intuitive grasp on what the customer wants—this team really knows how to deliver. Time and again, in creating multiple products—from a custom-designed website to multiple promotional graphics—Blogging Bistro gave me value-added service that exceeded my expectations.”

— Katherine Scott Jones
Stories to Celebrate Beauty
Custom WordPress website for Sarah Sundin
Sarah Sundin — Custom Responsive Design WordPress Website

In 2014, we designed Sarah’s original logo and website. In 2022, we redesigned both. Sarah specializes in writing novels set during the World War II era. She publishes thousands of articles on her blog and enhances her book pages with pictures, WW II research, and fun facts in “The History Behind The Story.”

Sarah’s website is one of the most content-rich author websites we’ve created. My team and I put a great deal of thought into organizing her content so visitors have a pleasurable experience and don’t feel overwhelmed by the content.

Plus, we implemented many cool custom features to make it easy for Sarah to manage her own content without it affecting the overall page design.

“Laura and her team do an outstanding job! The first website they designed for me was gorgeous and the second even more so. Not only beautiful, but user-friendly for the visitor—and for me on the back end. Laura listened to my needs, translated my vague ideas onto the screen, and talked me through everything in a clear and logical manner. Recommended with great enthusiasm!”

— Sarah Sundin
Best-selling and award-winning author of Until Leaves Fall in Paris
Tessa Afshar Custom WordPress Website | created by the team at
Tessa Afshar — Custom Responsive Design WordPress Website

The Blogging Bistro team has partnered with best-selling author, Tessa Afshar, for years. In late 2020, Tessa asked us to refresh the design of her custom WordPress website.

We started by updating her logo. Next, we redesigned her site, simplifying it and eliminating content that was no longer relevant.

Behind the scenes, we created custom fields to make it a snap for Tessa to display a featured book on her Home page, to add new books to her Fiction and Non-Fiction sections, and to switch out the content on her Resources & News page — all without messing with code.

“Fabulous service, gentle guidance, lots of patience, and a beautiful product. Laura and her team not only did a great job updating my website, she also tutored me on how to navigate day-to-day updates. I love the results! Highly recommended.”

— Tessa Afshar
Best-selling author
Lisa Baldwin Website | Created by the team at
Lisa Baldwin — Custom Responsive Design WordPress Website

When Lisa Baldwin was preparing to publish her memoir, she asked the Blogging Bistro team to design a logo and an two-page WordPress website.

A two-page website is a perfect “starter” solution for emerging authors who need a web presence. All the content displays in attractive, easy-to-navigate sections on the Home page, and the Blog is the second page.

Click here for more information about our custom one-page and two-page websites.

“Laura and her team created a beautiful logo and website that perfectly expresses my work and vision. Laura is a great communicator and worked with me throughout the entire process to ensure that the artwork, messaging and format supported my goals. The website exceeded my expectations. I couldn’t be more pleased.”

— Lisa Baldwin
Deb G. Gorman - custom designed WordPress website
Deb G. Gorman — Custom Responsive Design WordPress Website

Deb Gorman asked us to upgrade her outdated blogsite and turn it into a professional-looking self-hosted WordPress website. We started by slightly modifying her logo, keeping the honeybee, which has personal significance for Deb.

We designed and programmed a “hybrid” website, where most of the content is on the HOME page, with separate sections for Deb’s books and blog.

We also designed and printed business cards that echo the look of Deb’s website.

“When I decided to update my website, it seemed natural to connect again with Laura Christianson and her excellent team. Having already received coaching from her on email marketing, I knew my website would be in good hands. I wasn’t wrong.

Laura understood my passion for helping hurting, broken families reconnect and rebuild. Her team took my fuzzy dreams and brought clarity and unity to my ideas. With professionalism, creativity, and compassion my new website was born. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.”

— Deb Gorman
Author | Custom Responsive WordPress Website | Created by
Janet F. Salazar — Custom Responsive Design WordPress Website

Janet F. Salazar is passionate about inspiring people to study the Bible for themselves. She asked us to create a friendly, peaceful website where she could teach people to dig deeper into Scripture and discover how to apply it to their lives.

“I am just starting out and have no experience with creating a presence online. I was blown away by how Laura and her team intuitively figured out what I needed and created the feeling and the professional quality I wanted. The whole experience was very positive and the results surpassed my expectations.”

— Janet F. Salazar
Author, Speaker | Custom WordPress Website created by the team at
Karisa Moore — Custom Responsive Design WordPress Website

When Karisa Moore wanted to develop a professional and functional author website, she turned to the Blogging Bistro team.

We started by designing a new logo, and then created a soothing, inviting site that serves as a creative writing outlet to help people grieve with hope.

Karisa’s custom-designed, custom-programmed WordPress website features her own suicide story, a blog, and pages that showcase her book, speaking, and mental health resources.

“The Blogging Bistro team did an amazing job on my logo and website! The design of each page drew out the spirit of my “Turning the Page” mission and will help me connect with readers on a deeper level.”

— Karisa Moore
Author, Speaker, Mental Health Partner and Guide | Custom WordPress Website created by the team at
ChristyHoss — Custom Responsive Design WordPress Website

Frustrated with an outdated website that was a headache to manage, Christy Hoss sought professional help in the form of brand coaching, a logo design, and a custom WordPress website.

Throughout the coaching and website creation process, Christy remarked, “You are a godsend… I am no longer on my own but have real people to talk to… This is worth every penny… It inspires me to know I’m in the best marketing hands God could have given me.”

Christy’s site features large banner images of her with her service dog, Aiden (thanks to a photoshoot with a local freelance photographer), the Service Dog Blog (written by Aiden!) and a Books section where she can easily add upcoming titles.

“Hiring Laura and the Blogging Bistro team to build my website was the best investment in my writing career since buying my first computer. My site is beyond spectacular! Laura pays attention to every detail and communicates on a personal level that makes me feel as if I am her only client. As my first traditionally published book debuts, I know without a doubt, I am in excellent hands with her expertise in all things web-related.”

— Christy Hoss
Author, Speaker, Diabetes Blogger | Custom WordPress Website created by the team at
Jean C. Stephenson — Custom Responsive Design WordPress Website

When Jean Stephenson, an author living “across the pond” in Cambridge, England, decided to revamp her brand, she asked us to keep the whimsical feel she loved from her previous brand, and to give it a fresh, contemporary spin.

The Blogging Bistro team designed and developed a custom WordPress website that features whimsical header images and a soothing color palette. Jean’s new site prominently features her blog. And her Books page includes easy-to-use custom fields (in the dashboard) that allow Jean to quickly add new books and update the entries for her existing books.

“Laura and her team made all this technology a happy discovery rather than a daunting nightmare! They showed excellent dedication in producing a beautiful logo and website for me.”

— Jean C. Stephenson
Custom Responsive Design WordPress Website for The Kids Spot School |
The Kids Spot School — Custom Responsive Design WordPress Website

When The Kids Spot School opened in Snohomish, Washington about a decade ago, we built their original website. But after 10 years, the site was outdated and not mobile-friendly. We fixed that issue by designing a fun, fresh, mobile-friendly site that’s super-easy for parents-on-the-go to use.

The new site features a popular muted (but still colorful) palette, a succinct overview of the school’s philosophy, program, and activities, and an easy way for parents and guardians to arrange a tour of the school.

We also designed their new logo.

“I gave Laura ideas about what I wanted on my website, and she and her team ran with it. They did everything from start-to-finish: logo and website design, content writing, and programming. The site is so easy to use. Our parents love it, and so do I.”

— Jen Simpson
Director, The Kids Spot School
Custom Responsive Design WordPress Website for Susan A. Reynolds, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Coach, Author & Speaker |
Susan A. Reynolds — Custom Responsive Design WordPress Website

Susan says, “I love helping people overcome challenging behaviors, relationship pitfalls, spiritual fatigue and inconsistent self-care. This passion drives all my writing, coaching, speaking and therapy.”

The Blogging Bistro team designed and developed a custom WordPress website that showcases the ways in which Susan (a licensed marriage and family therapist) helps others. Susan wanted a clean design with large, easy-to-read type and touches of bold blues and pinks, prominent links to her blog and key services, and thoughtfully placed audio files.

The site is a dream to use behind-the scenes, featuring custom fields that allow Susan to easily change out everything from images to her email lead magnet to audio files.

Custom Responsive Design WordPress Website for Diane Stortz, Author and Speaker |
Diane Stortz — Custom Responsive Design WordPress Website

If you enjoy children’s Bible stories, take a peek at the bright, cheerful website we created for author, Diane Stortz.

Built using responsive design technology (so it functions perfectly on a smartphone, tablet, and desktop screen), this custom WordPress website features Diane’s books, her blog (loads of great children’s book recommendations), and loads of free resources.

“I wanted a responsive-design website that would showcase my books and blog and appeal especially to women with young children and grandchildren—and that’s exactly what I got! Laura and her team are creative, technically skilled, organized, and patient. They are there for me whenever I need help. I’m SO glad I chose Blogging Bistro to help me with this step of my writing career!”

— Diane Stortz
Author | Custom WordPress Website created by the team at
Focus With Marlene — Custom Responsive Design WordPress Website

Marlene Anderson, an author, speaker, counselor, and life coach, originally hired the Blogging Bistro team in 2010 to create a WordPress website. Since then, we have given the site’s design several refreshes.

We also assist Marlene with her online marketing strategy and program development on an ongoing basis.

“All I can say about my website is WOW! I absolutely love it. I can’t recommend Blogging Bistro enough. For someone who struggles with the mechanics of computers, I have been thrilled to find someone who is able to take my incoherent musings and make them compatible to the computer world.”

— Marlene Anderson
Author, Speaker, Life Coach, Counselor
Custom Responsive Design WordPress Website for Michelle Hollomon, Licensed Mental Health Counselor |
Michelle Hollomon — Custom Responsive WordPress Website

Michelle is a licensed mental health counselor, coach, and author. Her previous website (which we also created), emphasized her books. When Michelle shifted her focus to feature her coaching and counseling services, we gave her existing site a major overhaul. We re-organized her Home page design and created Coaching and Counseling pages. We also designed Michelle’s logo.

“Laura and her team are a pleasure to work with. They made my ideas and requests a priority, and made my vision a reality. They handle the tech stuff in a way that’s easy and streamlined for me, and Laura teaches and coaches me on what steps to take next. I highly recommend the Blogging Bistro team!”

— Michelle Hollomon
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Custom Responsive Design WordPress Website for Christi McGuire, Editor |
Christi McGuire — Custom Responsive Design WordPress Website

Christi McGuire, a professional editor and publishing consultant, asked us to help her get up and running with email marketing and to give her website a fresh, contemporary look that would attract her ideal client. It worked! Less than a month after launching her new custom WordPress website, Christi contacted us and said:

“I just got off the phone with a new client, who told me that he chose me because of the ‘feel’ he got from my website. He said it had a ‘welcoming and relaxed tone’ and that was what he was looking for in an editor/writing coach. He looked at the websites of other editors and told me their sites looked ‘outdated… like they were 15 years old.’

He wanted a particular personality in an editor, and the design of my site made that come across. It’s that ‘wow’ factor the Blogging Bistro team created. You created a much better site than I could imagine—because you captured my ‘essence.’”

— Christi McGuire
Editor, Publishing Consultant
Custom Responsive Design WordPress Website for Mountain River Youth Ranch |
Mountain River Youth Ranch — Custom Responsive WordPress Website

This non-profit organization provides a vital service in the local community: an equine program for struggling and at-risk children, ages 6-18.

We updated their logo and we created and maintain their beautiful, custom WordPress website.

“We love the website and get compliments daily! I am grateful we choose the Blogging Bistro team. Laura Christianson’s continual support makes me feel like she is family in that she is dependable, does excellent work, has our best interest at heart and is just a phone, text, or email away.”

— Sherrie Davis
Founder, Mountain River Youth Ranch
Custom Responsive Design WordPress Website for Atlantic Veterinary Hospital, Seattle |
Atlantic Veterinary Hospital (Seattle, WA) — Custom Responsive Design WordPress Website

When Dr. Laura Monahan became the new owner of Atlantic Veterinary Hospital in Seattle back in 2010, we created the hospital’s first-ever website. In 2014, we converted the site using responsive design technology (which works perfectly on any size screen), retaining as much of the site’s original look and feel as possible. In 2018, we did a major re-design of her Home page and revamped the content on the interior pages. (We also manage Atlantic Veterinary Hospital’s online marketing on an ongoing basis.)

“I absolutely love the organization and simplicity of the responsive site. It’s fresh and easy to navigate, while staying true to the ‘feel’ of the original version. Somehow, Laura Christianson and her team take my words, read my mind, and put into a visual medium precisely what I was thinking about.”

— Dr. Laura Monahan
Owner, Atlantic Veterinary Hospital