61 – Intentional Business, with Britney Gardner

Posted May 17, 2021 | Laura Christianson
The Professional Writer
The Professional Writer
61 - Intentional Business, with Britney Gardner

So many others offer the same types of services, products, and programs as I do. How can I make a dent in the market – a name for myself – when there’s so much competition?

You’ll discover the answer to that question during my chat with brand strategist, Britney Gardner. Britney and I believe in community over competition as a means of serving our clients.

Intentional Business, with Britney Gardner | Episode 61 of The Professional Writer podcast with Laura Christianson | BloggingBistro.com

We discuss transitioning from doing business in a scrappy way to putting intentional thought into how to grow your business.

You’ll learn how to discover your best client – the individual who resonates with your unique personality, core values, background, skills, strengths, processes, and methods.

If you’re new in your business and are looking to land your first client:

  • Map out the kinds of products your services or products help people fix
  • Identify three problems and/or solutions
  • Determine the person you can most easily help

If you’ve been in business for a while and have clients:

  • Identify three clients you loved working with, and three clients with whom the experience wasn’t enjoyable. What made these experiences different?

Britney and I also discuss:

  • An easy market research technique that will help you develop your own marketing messages.
  • What your brand photos tell prospective clients about you.
  • Why it’s important to filter out email subscribers who are not the best fit for your business.

Quotables from Britney

On finding your best client:

“You have a particular way of working through [your best client’s] pain point or desire that gets them the set of results they are looking for. When that match comes together from both a needs and mind perspective, that’s where the magic happens.”

On scrubbing your email list:

“I view unsubscribes as a gift. I don’t want people who aren’t committed on my list, so I get a lot of unsubscribes. And I’m ok with that. If they don’t want to hear really good information… if they’re not resonating (with what I share), I don’t want them on my list.”

About Britney Gardner

Intentional Business, with Britney Gardner | Episode 61 of The Professional Writer podcast with Laura Christianson | BloggingBistro.comBritney is a designer turned photographer turned marketing strategist. She helps health + wellness course creators stop being the world’s best-kept secret and build brand awareness so they can make a difference in more lives.

Britney hosts the Know, Like, & Trust Show, a podcast about using content and personal branding to build a warm audience of happy buyers.

Visit BritneyGardner.com

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