3 – Going ALL IN

Posted March 4, 2020 | Laura Christianson
The Professional Writer
The Professional Writer
3 - Going ALL IN


One of my sons works at a large retail store. During his first 6 months, he got three promotions, the latest of which was to manage his department.

Listen to Episode #3 to learn why my son keeps getting promotions he doesn’t even apply for.

During our Word Nerd Moment, we’ll look at the origin of the phrase, all in, including interesting examples from:

  • The New Yorker
  • The Bible
  • NFL football
  • A historical novel
  • An Italian monk (maybe two!)

We’ll explore what it means to become a practitioner of the art of writing. We’ll talk about the single best reason to go all in – not on everything, but on ONE thing. And I’ll challenge you to commit to going all in in one area of your life.

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