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My first Facebook Live broadcast: Success or crash-and-burn?

Marketing Munchies with Laura Christianson: Episode 1

In Marketing Munchies with Laura Christianson, you’ll get snack-sized video tips to help you improve your website, blog, and social media marketing.

In Episode 1:

  1. The Tale of Boaty McBoatface, or “be careful what you ask for on social media”
  2. Writers: take note of these AP Stylebook updates
  3. Infographic: How Facebook can harm relationships and destroy marriages

5 changes to Facebook Pages: What Page Admins need to know

5 must-do tutorials for Facebook Page admins |

Facebook has unleashed five changes to Pages. In these illustrated mini tutorials, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Like or comment as your Page
  2. View the Home feed of other Pages
  3. Like another Page as your Page
  4. Publish on another Page’s Timeline as your Page
  5. Feature other Pages on your Page

PLUS, you’ll find handy links for how to get help from Facebook.