Why Your Email Subscription Form Is Failing Miserably

Posted June 30, 2021 | Laura Christianson

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I visited the websites of the authors featured on The New York Times bestseller list and made a disturbing discovery.

Most of these authors don’t have an email list.

The ones who do use weak calls-to-action that will entice only the most rabid fans to subscribe. Their prompts typically read something like this:

Let’s stay in touch! Subscribe to my email list and get my newsletter and news about my upcoming books.

Potential subscribers see that and think, “So what? Why should I care?”

Because it’s the same call-to-action we’ve seen on a hundred other authors’ websites.

Our inboxes are overflowing, so we’re going to be choosy about which email lists we subscribe to.

You have to earn the “yes.” You have to earn the privilege of a place in your reader’s inbox.

Email list: Your most powerful online marketing tool

An email list is the single most powerful online marketing tool any business owner can have.

  • It’s more powerful than blogging.
  • More powerful than podcasting.
  • And waaaay more powerful than social media.

Yet, so many people completely ignore this critical business-building step.

If you’ve been putting off creating an email list, or your list is dead in the water, I’ve got good news.

We all start with zero subscribers.

And we build from there.

Email Marketing for Writers: 7 Days to Launch Your List

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Start earning the “yes.”

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