Is Your Website Illegal? How to Fix That

Posted July 15, 2021 | Laura Christianson

Do you have a signup form for your email list on your website or blog?

A contact form on your website?

If so, you MUST have a privacy policy on your website. In fact, a privacy policy is the only policy you’re required by law to have on your site.

What a privacy policy does

Your privacy policy explains to visitors what information you collect from them when they visit and browse your website and what you will (and won’t) do with that information.

It’s also where you tell visitors about their rights under the GDPR and other similar laws.

Free Privacy Policy for your website

The policy I use – and the one I recommend to all of my clients and email subscribers – was created by Bobby Klinck, an intellectual property attorney and online entrepreneur. I have followed Bobby for years and purchased his legal templates for my business.

Bobby’s privacy policy template is GDPR compliant and, thanks to Bobby’s clear video tutorials, easy to customize. Seriously, it only takes a few minutes to customize it and pop it on your website.

Best of all, it’s completely FREE!

Grab your FREE privacy policy template now

 (The only catch is that requesting Bobby’s free Privacy Policy means you’re signing up for his email list. In his emails and on his podcast, he consistently delivers top-quality info, injected with a generous dose of snark.)

The ultimate legal checklist for your business

Bobby has also just released a handy new freebie, “The Ultimate Legal Checklist.”

I downloaded this 25-page guide; it’s packed with quick tips and action steps that simplify the overwhelming legal stuff.

The first half of The Ultimate Legal Checklist walks through the major issues that online business owners need to deal with, including:

  • Creating an LLC or other corporate entity
  • Running trademark searches when picking brand and product names
  • What to do to avoid getting sued for copyright infringement
  • Dealing with privacy issues
  • Getting your website legal policies in place
  • The legal agreements, policies, and disclosures you need to keep your business and business relationships protected

The second half is a series of 2-page checklists:

  1. Course Creator’s Legal Checklist
  2. Membership Site Owner’s Legal Checklist
  3. Coach’s Legal Checklist
  4. Service Provider’s Legal Checklist

Get your FREE copy of The Ultimate Legal Checklist

Website Policy Pack

Protect Your Website with this low-cost Website Policy Pack

Earlier in this message, I told you about Bobby’s free privacy policy. If you want to be 100% covered, two additional basic protections for your website are:

Terms of Use. This is the policy document that sets out the basic rules of the game for your website. Think of this as the central agreement between you and your website visitors.

Disclaimer. This serves a number of roles, including explaining that you are providing information, not advice, disclosing any incentives you receive for reviews or links, and informing visitors that the results touted on your website “are not typical.”

Bobby says that technically the only one required by law is the Privacy Policy. But he also says that it leaves gaps in the protections you’ll get… gaps the other two fill in.

Bobby’s Website Policy Pack contains templates for all 3 of these must-have policies.

And the best part… they’re only $27.

Twenty. Seven. Dollars.

Click here to purchase your Website Policy Pack 

The Online Genius Template Library

Legal Template Library from Bobby Klinck

Finally, I want to recommend The Online Genius Template Library.

It’s an all-access pass to customizable legal agreements and policy templates to help you protect every nook and cranny of your online business WITHOUT having to hire a fancy lawyer for a zillion dollars.

Bobby’s Template Library includes all of the templates to protect your business, including:

  • Website Legal Policies – The 3 templates you MUST have on your website if you want to be 100% covered.
  • Customer/Client Agreements – Go-to contracts for anyone who books one-to-one services with you.
  • Online Program Terms and Conditions – Agreements for your online courses and membership sites with all the legalese included, including the oh-so-important refund policy!
  • Confidentiality Agreements – Templates to help you protect the “secret sauce” in your business.
  • Independent Contractor Agreement – Make sure your relationship with your VA, copywriter, designer, and other outside contractors doesn’t create risks for your business.
  • Agreements for Employees – The must-have contracts to ensure you own the content they create for you and that they don’t walk out the door with your confidential information.
  • Publicity, Testimonial, and Podcast Releases – The written consent you NEED for anyone who appears on your online platform.
  • Affiliate Agreement – Having people sell your product FOR you is a dream… as long as you’ve got a written agreement with your affiliates to make sure you don’t end up in a nasty dispute.
  • Guest Teacher Agreement – For when you have a guest teach content inside of your program and you need to make sure everyone knows who owns what.
  • LLC Operating Agreement – The basic agreement you NEED to protect yourself and your business.

You’ll be getting ALL OF THE THINGS!

When you sign up for The Online Genius Template Library, you’ll also get access to a private Facebook group where Bobby is available to answer your questions about the templates and about the “legal stuff” more generally.

AND, as Bobby creates new agreements, you’ll get those, too. This legal toolbox will serve you now and in the future. As your business grows, you’ll already have the agreements and templates you’ll need.

Click here to grab your all-access pass to The Online Genius Template Library.

I hope you enjoy these legal resources as much as I do!


**I am an affiliate for Bobby Klinck. When I refer customers to him, I receive a commission.

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