27 – Three Ways a Professional Editor Provides Value, With Tisha Martin

Posted August 17, 2020 | Laura Christianson
The Professional Writer
The Professional Writer
27 - Three Ways a Professional Editor Provides Value, With Tisha Martin


Some writers have a “drive-through” mentality of book publishing. They get an idea for a book, quickly write it, and they want it published NOW.

Writers who subscribe to this mindset do themselves a disservice. It takes time, dedicated investment, and a well-rounded team to create and deliver a professional product.

During episode #27, professional editor, Tisha Martin, helps us understand how working with an editor can make a huge difference in creating a polished product readers will be delighted to read.

Three Ways a Professional Editor Provides Value, With Tisha Martin | The Professional Writer podcast with host, Laura Christianson of BloggingBistro.com

As an integral part of your publishing team, an editor:

  • Intimately understands the needs of the market.
  • Is dedicated to mastering their skills so they can effectively champion the writers they serve.
  • Objectively evaluates the message to help the writer achieve the results they desire.

Tisha will return to The Professional Writer podcast next week to help us decide which type of editor we should look for, and the differences among the five types of editing services.

About Tisha Martin

A conference junkie and a lifelong learner, Tisha is a servant-leader who thrives on collaboration. As an editor, writer, and contest judge, since 2017, she has completed more than 250 projects in fiction and nonfiction on deadline. She loves to get to the heart of the story and transform ideas and manuscripts into exceptional reading experiences. Learn more at TishaMartin.com.

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