Is your website’s HOME page bogged down with useless widgets, garbled text, or random images?

It’s time to bust that clutter!

Join me (Laura Christianson) for a free small group coaching session where you’ll learn how to axe the deadwood.

Watch this video to learn how it works

How the coaching session is structured

Before the training, I will peruse your website’s HOME page.

During our 90 minutes together (LIVE, via video conference call), we’ll do a head-to-toe evaluation of your website’s Home page, and I’ll share top tips for creating a Home page that makes a fantastic first impression.

We’ll evaluate your:

  • Website header
  • Navigation
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Overall design, including colors, visuals, white space, and typography
  • Headlines and body copy
  • Sidebar elements

I’ll offer each participant customized tips to help you simplify your Home page.

Clutter is the enemy of your website.

Together, we’ll help each other conquer that enemy.

Ava Pennington, Author, Teacher, Speaker, |

“Laura’s training was packed with practical insight and information I will be implementing as I plan the update of my own website. It was one of the most profitable training sessions I have attended.”

Ava Pennington, Author, Teacher, Speaker,

Is this training right for you?

Review the 7 questions below. If you answer YES to all of them, reserve a spot!

  1. I plan to revamp my current website within the next 12 months.
  2. I am an entrepreneur, small business owner, or non-profit decision-maker.
  3. I’m willing to listen to others’ first impression of my HOME page (without crying or making excuses).
  4. I’m eager to apply what I learn.
  5. I have a website with a HOME page that is NOT a blog. (The blog is not the ONLY content on my HOME page.)
  6. I’m 100% committed to attend.
  7. I’m able to participate via a device equipped with a webcam and audio. (The training will take place via a Zoom meeting.)

“Laura’s training provided solid content with examples and statistics that convinced and helped me. The time passed quickly.”

Yvonne Ortega, Author, Speaking Coach, Counselor, Teacher,

What’s the catch?

Will the session will be one long sales pitch?

No! I’m devoting our entire time together to helping you de-clutter your Home page. When the training concludes, I’ll share some ways you can continue working with me. No guilt-inducing sales pitches. I’ll simply tell you about the website services my team offers.

Marylin Furumasu

“…It was great to get feedback from other people as we shared our web pages. I started making changes right away and I’m confident these changes will make a lot of difference in my business.”

Marylin Furumasu,

I’m ready to join a session! How do I reserve my slot?

Each de-cluttering session will have a maximum of five attendees.

  1. Review the list of upcoming sessions, below. FIRST, click the downward-pointing arrow and select your time zone (that will convert the sessions into your time zone).
  2. Choose a time slot that works for you and click “Sign Up.”
  3. Fill out the form and click “Complete Appointment.”
  4. You will receive a confirmation email from my scheduling system. A few days before our session, I will email you the login for our Zoom meeting.

If you need to cancel or reschedule, please do so at least 24 hours prior to your coaching call.

Upcoming De-Cluttering Sessions

Tisha Martin

“Because of the exceptional tips and tricks Laura delivered during this workshop, I was able to revolutionize the message and brand of my website. If you’re so-so about your website, be sure to snag a seat in this workshop!”

Tisha Martin, Book Editor, Author,