Ready to plan your next website?

An expert review of your existing site will identify areas you can improve, so you avoid repeating mistakes and set yourself up for launching a polished, professional website.

Robyn Roste

“With so much conflicting (and overwhelming!) website design advice out there it’s difficult to know what to focus on. Laura’s straightforward audit helped me understand what my website visitors want and how to optimize my home page for my ideal reader.”

Robyn Roste, recreational knitter, professional writer,

How it works

Laura will do a thorough, page-by-page assessment of your current website (up to 7 pages of your choice). She’ll evaluate the written, audio, and visual content from the perspective of your ideal target audience.

Note: This assessment does not include a review of individual blog posts, but Laura can provide pointers for how to improve your blog directory page.

You’ll receive:

  • Written overview of the findings
  • 60-minute one-on-one conference call with Laura to discuss areas you can revise, remove, re-organize, or re-design.
    Please allow 5-7 business days for Laura to review your website before our 1-hour conference call.


$297.00 USD, paid in advance via check or credit card with PayPal.

Get Started

Simply email Laura at and let her know you’d like a Website Content Review. She’ll contact you to arrange the payment and conference call details.