Private coaching sessions are customized to your specific needs.

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Brand Development Coaching

Branding is letting a specific group of people who want and need what you have to offer know that you can help them.

During our coaching sessions, I’ll help you clarify your brand’s unique personality and develop a powerful message that establishes your credibility, gains your readers’ trust, and delivers a positive experience.

Logo design and business card design can be included in your custom branding package. If you need a logo, let me know. My team includes a graphic designer with 30 years experience!

Website Content Development Coaching

In 2 seconds or less, visitors to your website will decide whether to hang around or click away.

I’ll help you develop or refine content that’ll instantly connect with your ideal reader. Together, we’ll create content that aligns with your brand message and motivates your visitor to take action.

I’ll also show you how to position your content on each page so it’ll get noticed by Google — and by visitors to your site.

Blog Coaching

Blogging is not dead! Even with the popularity of podcasting and vidcasting, millions of people still love to read blogs.

When done strategically, blogging is a powerful tool to help you consistently get your life-transforming message to your ideal readers. It’s also a great way to nurture a relationship with your readers.

Use your blog coaching time to:

  • Overcome a specific blogging challenge
  • Plan a blogging strategy
  • Create a content calendar for blog
  • Learn proven techniques for structuring blog posts
  • Write keyword-rich headlines and articles
  • Optimize your blog posts for search engine discoverability
  • Correctly create and format links
  • Add images, video, and audio to blog posts
  • Repurpose content you’ve already created

Email Marketing Coaching

Unravel the mysteries of email marketing!

Whether you’re starting from scratch or your email marketing is dead in the water, I’ll help you create a system and a strategy that works for you. Together, we’ll super-charge your list growth through developing a series of messages that offer incredible value and build relationships and trust with your subscribers.

If you need technical help getting up and running with an email list, check out my Email Marketing Starter Package.

Coaching & Consulting Packages

Coaching and consulting sessions are one hour (more, if you want it) and take place via Zoom video conference call, phone, Voxer, and/or email.

1-4 hours – $150 per hour

5 hours – $650 ($100 discount – our most popular package*)

6 hours –  $800 ($100 discount)

7 hours – $900 ($150 discount)

8 hours – $1050 ($150 discount)

9 hours – $1200 ($150 discount)

10 hours – $1250 ($250 discount – best value)

11+ hours – $250 discount off however many hours you purchase)

*Note: Coaching packages of 5 hours or more require a 50% non-refundable deposit. Notify Laura how many hours you’d like to purchase and she’ll email you a contract.

Want help figuring out where to start?

Jump on Zoom or the phone with me for 15 minutes. We’ll discuss your blogging goals and needs, and I’ll recommend a course of action. Our quick chat is no-obligation and completely free. Schedule a time right now.

Michelle Ule, Biographer, |

“Laura’s coaching on how to repurpose and reuse past blog posts took a huge load off my mind.”

Michelle Ule, Biographer,