WordPress, the world’s most popular content management system, is a common target for hackers.

During a recent brute force attack, an estimated 200,000 WordPress websites PER HOUR were attacked by bots that repeatedly tried to guess login passwords.

The Blogging Bistro team recommends protecting your website with the Wordfence plugin (which comes in free and paid versions). The free version of Wordfence provides excellent brute force protection by:

  • locking out suspicious IP addresses that continually try to log in
  • enforcing the use of strong passwords
  • reminding you to update plugins
  • taking other measures to protect your site against attackers

While you can certainly install and customize this plugin yourself, the free version of Wordfence includes nearly 200 settings, many of which can be confusing for non-techies to customize.

Why not let our top-notch programmer do the work for you?

That way, you’ll ensure that the plugin is correctly installed and customized.

To help keep your website safe and secure from brute force attacks, we will:

  • Install and activate the free version of the powerful Wordfence plugin on your WordPress website
  • Customize the plugin’s 200 settings
  • Scan your website to determine whether there are any problems. If there are problems, we will pinpoint the file on your server (website hosting account) where the problem resides so you can fix it.

The fee for this service is $225.

Please click here and select a date and time you would like us to start on your project, fill out the information form and pre-pay. We’ll do the rest!

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