The Short Version

Are you quietly desperate about list building, uncertain of what to do next?

Are you eager to get unstuck and get it done?

Do you want clear, step-by-step guidance and expert support to help you get there?

Are you willing to risk – to share your struggles, your process, and your drafts – with a supportive group of peers who will provide  constructive feedback?

Will you commit to putting in the time to create a system that will help you grow your list?

During this coaching program, Laura Christianson will help a small group of motivated entrepreneurs create four items essential to growing your email list:

  1. Free gift (aka, lead magnet, free offer)
  2. Signup form
  3. Welcome message
  4. Newsletter content calendar

This 7-week program combines live training, group coaching, and feedback forums. Time is built in for you to plan, draft, receive feedback, and revise.

Your Investment: $197

You will have unlimited access to this program, as well as to future versions, add-ons, upgrades, and bonuses. This is 90% LESS than you’d pay for one-to-one coaching with me.

Please watch the video and read the details below.

If you know this program has your name on it (or you have questions), email a message to Ask me to add you to the wait list, and I’ll notify you the next time I offer the program.

The Long Version

(This is a transcript of the video plus additional details)

Does the form on your website that invites people to sign up for your email list say something like, Sign up and get my monthly newsletter, or Subscribe to my blog and get the latest updates?

If you’re nodding YES, I suspect that your email list may not be growing very quickly – or at all.

If you’re like me, you are inundated with emails every day – most of them spam – and the last thing you want is yet another newsletter.

If you want a steady stream of new subscribers to your email list, you need a more compelling call-to-action than “sign up and get my stuff.”

The importance of incentives

You must offer them an incentive – a gift that gives them an “ah-ha” moment… that helps them learn new information or introduces a different approach that will help them make progress in an area where they’re feeling stuck or frustrated.

  • How do you figure out what your audience needs?
  • How do you wrap this gift in an attractive and appealing way?
  • When your new subscriber opens your gift, how will you surprise and delight them?
  • Once your new peep is in your fold, how do you make them feel welcome? How do you shepherd and nurture them?

If you’re asking yourself these questions and you not only want answers, but you are ready and eager to create a free gift for your audience, you are the perfect person to enroll in my coaching program.

During this 7-week program, you will create four items essential to growing your email list:

  1. Free gift (aka, lead magnet, free offer, incentive, bribe to subscribe)
  2. Signup form
  3. Welcome message
  4. Newsletter content calendar

The program has lots of time built in for you to plan, draft, get feedback on, and revise your content.

What makes this program different?

In most courses, webinars, or challenges, you take passive action. The instructor teaches you about email marketing and you passively consume the information. They explain what a free gift is. They help you understand why you need one and they explain the different types of lead magnets you can create.

These are all good things. But knowing about lead magnets is different than actually creating one and implementing it.

I’ve been coaching clients one-to-one on email marketing for over a decade, and I know that creating the essential pieces needed to do email marketing is where most people get stuck, feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and hesitant about moving forward.

I have adapted my best strategies that I use when coaching one-to-one clients into a “done-with-you” group coaching program.

You are going to take massive action during this program. You are actually going to CREATE your lead magnet, along with three other key pieces of content. You’re going to get honest feedback on the four pieces of content you create from me and the members of our cohort.

Details about the 4 pieces of content you’ll create:

1. Free gift

You’re going to create a “starter” lead magnet tailored for your ideal audience. Your lead magnet will relate directly to the core services, programs, or products you offer.

It will be either a checklist or cheatsheet that your new subscriber can consume in 5-10 minutes and get a quick win… an “ah-ha” moment.

Your free gift will help your new subscriber learn new information or a different approach that will help them make progress in an area where they’re feeling stuck or frustrated.

I work with a lot of fiction writers who tell me they struggle to come up with a lead magnet that serves their reader (after all, fiction writers make stuff up for a living). But it is possible. If you’re a fiction author, you, too, can create a terrific lead magnets during this coaching program.

2. Signup form

Your free gift is useless unless you have a way for people to sign up for it and get it.

During this portion of our group coaching experience, you’ll learn exactly what content to put on your signup form – and what not to put on it. You’ll write a clear, succinct call-to-action that will entice people to input their email address.

3. Welcome message

Once you’ve created your free gift and crafted your enticing signup form, you initiate a relationship with your new subscriber.

During this segment of the program, you will write the welcome message that is automatically emailed to your new subscriber, along with the link to their free gift. Not only will you write your message following the step-by-step templates that I provide, you will get feedback from me and other members of our coaching cohort.

4. Newsletter content calendar

Once you have initiated a relationship with your new subscriber through your welcome message, you’ll want to nurture and grow that relationship over time. In the marketing world, we call this the “know, like, and trust factor.”

You don’t get a new subscriber to your email list and instantly begin bombarding them with sales and promotional messages for stuff you sell. That would be equivalent to you and I meeting at an event and I introduce myself by saying, “Hi, I’m Laura. Buy my stuff.”

You’d be offended. You’d probably think, Who is this person? Who does she think she is? Why would I buy anything from her? I don’t even know her. I don’t like her approach, and I certainly don’t trust her.

The content calendar you create during this program will outline the topics you’ll address in upcoming emails that you send to your subscribers.

You’ll learn strategies for gently leading your subscribers on a journey that will prepare them to buy your paid product.

While many people think the lead magnet – the free gift – is the golden ticket to growing their email list, that’s actually just the start. The most significant part of any relationship is not the initial introduction, but the nurturing of that relationship. That’s where your content calendar comes into play.

It outlines your long-term plan for growing the relationship with your subscribers. Not only that, but a calendar also holds you accountable to yourself for intentionally following through with writing and consistently sending valuable content to your subscribers.

The road to obscurity is paved with good intentions.

In the one-on-one coaching I do with clients, I’ve worked with many people who have good intentions for sending out a newsletter to their subscribers. But even the best intentions don’t work if you don’t follow through.

A content calendar on which you commit to specific dates and specific content that you will provide to your subscribers is one of the best ways to ensure that you’ll follow through with writing and sending those messages.

Take action. Build Systems. Be Accountable.

That’s what this group coaching experience is all about: taking action. Not just thinking about what you should do, but actually doing it.

It’s about systems. Creating systems to help you run your business more efficiently takes time, which is why many of us put off doing it. If, over a 7-week period, you’re willing to put in the time, you will create a system that’s going to work for you 24/7.

This group coaching experience is about accountability. When an expert mentor is holding your hand and when you have a group of friendly, non-judgmental peers who are doing this along with you and are willing to offer constructive feedback, you are going to make tremendous progress.

And that’s what this program is all about. Taking massive action. Getting it done.

Your investment

You can join this program for only $197.

You will have unlimited access to this 7-week program, as well as to future versions, add-ons, upgrades, and bonuses.

As a price comparison…

When I work with clients one-to-one, I charge $150 per hour. During this program, you’ll have the opportunity to spend 20+ hours with me through training, mentoring, and feedback sessions… a $3,000+ value for only $197.

That’s 90% LESS than you would pay for one-to-one coaching with me.

On the fence about making this investment in your business?

Ask yourself:

Am I going to let another month slip by when I could begin welcoming new peeps into my fold now?

How much will it cost me – in terms of frustration, guilt, new subscribers and potential sales – if I don’t invest in this program?

How the program is structured

Live Video Training (Recordings Provided)

For each of the six sections – finding your ideal audience, crafting the promise you make to your audience, creating your lead magnet, signup form, welcome message, and content calendar – I’ll provide live video training on Zoom (replays will be posted in the private Facebook group and on the web page exclusively for students enrolled in this program).

The trainings will include discussion times, so if you’re able to attend live, you can interact with Laura and the other students.

If you can’t attend live or you want to watch the trainings multiple times, recordings will be available within 24 hours.

Feedback Forums

Following the training for each section of the program, you’ll be given time (anywhere from two days to two weeks) to draft your content.

We will have live Feedback Forums on Zoom, during which you can share your draft of the piece of content we’re creating that week and receive feedback from me and members of our cohort. Feedback forums will be recorded and available to all students enrolled in the program.

Printables & Resources

For each segment of the program, you’ll receive at least one worksheet, checklist, swipe file, bonus training, or other resources to help you create the content.


Five bonus trainings and tutorials are included:

Bonus #1:
Find Your Ideal Audience – Live Video Training – $150 value

Identifying your ideal reader, client, or audience and understanding them at a deep level is the first step in preparing to serve them. During this live training session, I will guide you through a series of questions that will help you discover and get to know your audience better than you ever imagined possible. Includes a printable workbook.

Bonus #2:
Craft the Promise You Make to Your Audience – Live Video Training – $150 value

Once you have identified who you serve, you must decide how you’ll serve them. During this live training session, I will walk you through an exercise that will help you pinpoint your audience’s pain points and clearly state the unique benefits you offer them.

Bonus #3:
Tips for Designing Your Lead Magnet – Video Training – $150 value

To help your new subscriber perceive you as the trusted authority in your niche, your lead magnet must feature a simple, visually appealing design. During this recorded training, I will show you the critical elements to include in your lead magnet and give you some quick tips for headlines, color palettes and typography.

Bonus #4:
Resources for Creating the Video Walkthrough of Your Lead Magnet

In this handy PDF tutorial, I’ll introduce several excellent free and low-cost screen and webcam recorders, and explain how to use them.

Bonus #5:
3 Easy Ways to Invite Your Social Media Followers to Join Your Email List – Video Training – $150 value

I will help you understand the key differences between social media vs. email marketing, and will show you three important areas in your social media accounts where you should promote email signups.

It’s time to stop being the world’s best-kept secret.

You have a life-transforming message to share with people who need to hear it – otherwise, you wouldn’t have an email list in the first place. But most of the people who need to hear your message don’t yet know that you exist.

Through the creative process you’ll employ during this group coaching experience, you’ll be setting yourself up to begin giving generously to your ideal audience. As you serve them consistently, over time, you’ll move from “invisible” to “visible.” Approachable. Trustworthy.

Email is your secret weapon for reaching your ideal audience and for generously serving your peeps. Like any marketing you do, it requires ongoing care and attention.

If your email list hasn’t been getting the care and feeding it needs, now is the time to change that.

During this group coaching experience, you are going to GET. IT. DONE!

Ready to enroll?

Email and ask me to add you to the wait list for “Lead Magnets & More Group Coaching Program.” The next time I offer the program, I’ll email you the details about how to enroll.

What to do while you’re waiting for the program to start

Free course: Email Marketing for Writers: 7 Days to Launch Your List | Laura Christianson |

If you haven’t already done so, enroll in my FREE course, “Email Marketing for Writers: 7 Days to Launch Your List.”

This 7-day video training will help you understand the basics of email marketing.

  • If you’re starting from zero, this training will help you avoid common mistakes and help you launch the list the right way.
  • If you already have an email list but you’re not sure what to do with it or growth is stagnant, this training will get you back on track and give you fresh ideas for rejuvenating your list.

I consider this FREE course a prerequisite for the group coaching program, because, in 7 days, you’ll learn:

  1. How to do email marketing legally and ethically
  2. Why every entrepreneur needs an email list (and why email is waaay more powerful than social media)
  3. How the right subscribers can translate into sales
  4. How to set doable email marketing goals (not unrealistic, pie-in-the-sky goals you can never achieve)
  5. Top tops for getting your emails opened… and read (top tips for length, format, and frequency)
  6. 8 qualities of an irresistible free offer (that will skyrocket your signups)
  7. 20 places to put your opt-in form (for maximum visibility and explosive list growth)

The course will help you develop a solid foundation for your email marketing, so you’ll be ready to dive in to our group coaching program.

Click here to sign up (it’s completely FREE):

About Laura Christianson

Laura ChristiansonIf you haven’t met me or listened to The Professional Writer podcast, read my blog or received my weekly email tips, here’s a little bit about me:

I have been a professional writer since the 1990s, and am the author of three books and thousands of articles.

Since 2007, I’ve worked with hundreds of writers, bloggers, authors, and with marketing directors at several Christian publishing houses, helping them with email marketing.

My business, Blogging Bistro, LLC, started out as a blog consultancy. Currently, I specialize in brand coaching, email marketing coaching, and my team and I build custom WordPress websites for writers and other entrepreneurs. We include email marketing setup and training in our website projects.

The single biggest marketing struggle my clients consistently ask me for help with is how to build an email list and how to use that list effectively.

I use the techniques you’ll be learning during the group coaching program in my own business, and I welcome thousands of new subscribers to my email list every year.

I use several lead magnets, and the conversion rates – the percentage of people who see the free offer and subscribe – range from 57% to 90%.

The weekly emails I send to my subscribers get opened at a higher-than-average rate. The average “open” rate for enewsletters across all industries is about 25%. My open rates currently range from 30-35%.

Yes, I can do better and that’s always my goal, but that “open” rate shows me that the people who subscribe to my list are my ideal audience/client, and that they’re finding my messages compelling enough to open.

I won’t kid you – email marketing is a long game.

The process of growing your list typically happens slowly over time, just as growing any relationship happens organically, when you devote time, effort, and commitment to that relationship.

Creating a lead magnet and putting the form on your website will not guarantee instant results.

But I feel confident that you will experience better results than the one you’re currently getting.

It revolves around knowing who you serve, how you will serve them, and then actually serving them.

Let’s do this together!

I’d love to help you begin serving your audience in meaningful ways.  If have questions about the group coaching program, email me right now at In the subject line, put Email Group Coaching.

I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.