Great News for Twitter and Facebook Users… Plus 5 Must-See Tutorials

Posted April 3, 2017 | Laura Christianson

Twitter Replies Less Cluttered

Great news: When you reply to a tweet, Twitter no longer counts the “@username” in the character limit. That means you can use all 140 characters in your reply. No more @usernames cluttering the first part of your tweet! Username(s) get embedded above the tweet in a thread.

This 30-second video shows you how it works.

Facebook Live for Desktop is Here!

In mid-January, I reported that Facebook Live for desktop web browsers was coming.  It’s finally here, for both personal profiles AND Pages!

When you go to post a status update to your Page, click “See All” below the first two rows of icons, and select “Start a Live Video.”

Let the live streaming begin!

Facebook Live video streaming for desktop browsers has arrived |

How to Customize Your Facebook News Feed to Maximize Your Productivity

Go step-by-step through this handy tutorial right now (before you forget or put it off) and de-clutter your settings so you can see what you want and ignore the rest. This tutorial is SO good! [Source: Buffer blog]

Video Screen Capture Tool

Looking for a nifty way to easily create a screen capture video from your web browser?  Watch this video tutorial about from Joan Stewart, aka, The Publicity Hound.

You can use this free service for creating and sharing training videos, publicity campaigns, video tours of your online portfolio, and more.


You can’t download your video to your website, blog, YouTube, or Facebook (your video “lives” on the ViewedIt server). You can share a LINK to your video, however.

Podcast Strategy for Non-Podcasters

A doable podcast strategy for people like me, who don’t have a podcast. Grow your email list by guesting on other people’s podcasts. [Source: Leadpages blog]

Email Subject Lines

51 of the latest, greatest tactics and tricks for getting those promotional emails opened. [Source: AWeber blog]

5 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Bio in 5 Minutes

Here’s a bonus tutorial PLUS printable PDF from Blogging Bistro. Beef up your social media bio during the next five minutes!

The 5-minute social media bio beef-up |

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