44 – Simplify Your Areas of Influence

Posted January 11, 2021 | Laura Christianson
The Professional Writer
The Professional Writer
44 – Simplify Your Areas of Influence


I’ve never been a “word of the year” person. I try to come up with a word because people tell me “I’m supposed to.” But my heart’s not in it, so I forget what my word is after about two weeks.

But I sense that this year will be different. In today’s episode, I’ll explain how “Simplify” is the way I intend to run my business in 2021. I’ll also share:

  • Practical ways to discover the ideal community of people you want to serve.
  • Why knowing who your ideal audience is NOT is just as important as knowing who they are.
  • Why you should say “no” to offering products, services, and programs you aren’t feeling passionate about.

Simplify Your Areas of Influence | Episode 44 of The Professional Writer podcast with Laura Christianson | BloggingBistro.com

Massive Action Challenge

Here’s how to take four massive action steps that’ll help you simplify your business processes:

1. Self-audit your website and blog

Review every page on your website. Remove the products, services, and programs you aren’t actively promoting and replace them with the ones you are feeling most excited about – the ones where you can most help your audience.

Do the same with your blog posts. For example, my blog includes a bunch of outdated tutorials on how to use various aspects of Facebook. Since Facebook updates their interface seemingly every week, these tutorials are defunct. I’m updating the ones I can and deleting the rest.

2. Update your social media bios

Review your bio on every one of your social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, etc.). Every word in your bio must reflect your area(s) of expertise or influence, or the book, program, or service you’re passionate about and are currently offering.

3. Clean up your social media followers

Review the people you follow on the social channels you actively use. Here’s where a lot of authors get things backwards. They primarily follow other authors when they should be following the people most likely to read their books!

When I audited my Instagram following, I discovered I was following the wrong people. I spent a few days unfollowing the people I don’t interact with or whose content no longer interests me, and following people who comprise my ideal target community.

4. Scrub your email list

Don’t focus on the number of subscribers you have; focus on engaged subscribers.

Every three months, create a segment of subscribers who have been on your list X amount of time and who have not opened any of your emails. These people aren’t interested in what you have to offer. Remove them from your list and pour your efforts into connecting with subscribers who are the best fit for your programs, products, and services.

My Core Services During 2021

In keeping with my “simplify” theme, here are the core services my company, Blogging Bistro, LLC, is offering in 2021:


One-to-one and small group coaching in four areas:

  1. Brand development
  2. Website content development
  3. Blogging
  4. Email marketing

Custom WordPress Websites

My team (graphic designer, programmer, and content editor/project manager) will continue to create custom, mobile-friendly, self-hosted WordPress websites. Learn about our custom website creation process.

NEW! One-Page and Two-Page Websites

In addition to our multi-page websites, we’re offering one-page and two-page websites.

These entry-level sites are perfect for new entrepreneurs and pre-published authors who need a professional web presence in order to pitch proposals to prospects, editors, and agents, but who don’t have enough content for a multi-page site.

This lower-cost option displays all your content on one page, or on two pages (with the second page being your blog or podcast).

If you’d like to explore your website options with me, sign up for a free 15-minute quick chat (phone or Zoom).

Targeted Training

I’m teaming up with experts in the writing and publication process to offer one-hour, value-packed trainings that focus on ONE critical area. We have targeted trainings planned for:

  • Book launch teams
  • Critique partnerships
  • Hiring an editor

I’ll share details about the targeted trainings as we get them finalized.

Interested in in partnering with me to co-teach a targeted training on a specific writing-related or publishing-related topic?  Send me your pitch.

“Simplify” Series

Structured to help you simplify the way you do businesses, this series will include free training on The Professional Writer Podcast, as well as affordable small group training. We’ll cover topics such as:

  • Branding Simplified
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Simplified
  • Websites Simplified

What topic would you love for me to include in the “Simplified” series? Email me with your suggestions!

Free Gift

2021 Content Calendar Template from Laura Christianson of BloggingBistro.com

Here’s a free gift you can grab right now. It’s my 2021 Content Calendar template.

Low-Cost Training

Find Your Ideal Target Audience

Find Your Ideal Target Reader - Audio Training and Workbook by Laura Christianson | BloggingBistro.com

You have a life-transforming message to share with a slice of the world. This audio training and workbook will help you get to know your unique audience better than you ever thought possible.

Just for Fun

Here’s a shot of the sheep I referred to at the top of the episode. Aren’t those fuzzy faces adorable?

Simplify Your Areas of Influence | Episode 44 of The Professional Writer podcast with Laura Christianson | BloggingBistro.com

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