51 – Preparing for an eBook Launch, with Dianne Andre

Posted March 1, 2021 | Laura Christianson
The Professional Writer
The Professional Writer
51 - Preparing for an eBook Launch, with Dianne Andre

Should I seek a traditional, royalty publishing house or should I self-publish?

It’s a question nearly every author asks themselves.

For Dianne Andre, the answer was “self-publish” (which many people refer to as indie or independent publishing).

Dianne says, “I didn’t like the odds of earning 30% for traditional as opposed to 70% with indie. I also wanted to control my own deadlines. Having experienced a serious health issue, a balanced pace was more important than the pressure of producing on demand.”

“Do what your body and your mind can handle,” Dianne advises.

Preparing for an eBook Launch, with Dianne Andre | Episode 51 of The Professional Writer Podcast with Laura Christianson | BloggingBistro.com

During Episode 51, Dianne shares her one-thing-led-to-another journey to becoming a published author of a two-book contemporary women’s novella series, plus a sweet romance set in 1954 – all published independently as Kindle ebooks.

We kick off the episode by talking about photography. Dianne is an amateur photographer who takes 99 percent of the pictures she uses in her social media posts and on her website. We discuss how using your own photos eliminates the risk of infringing on copyright.

“When I use public domain commercial-free images, it’s usually portraits, props, or scenes like the ocean that I don’t have access to,” says Dianne.

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Stepping out of the comfort zone

One trait that characterizes all successful authors is a willingness to try new things. During the recent book launch for Kiss Under the Lemon Tree, Dianne tried several new-to-her techniques. She unveils the details of:

Secret Facebook street team she started six months before launching the book. Team members served as beta readers, assisted with research conundrums, and helped Dianne brainstorm her back cover blurb.

4-day book cover reveal. Dianne explains how she used Canva (aff link) to create animated “reveal” graphics.

Amazon pre-order campaign and promotion. On the day of the final cover reveal, Dianne discounted pre-orders for a week. During that time, she promoted the deal in several Facebook groups, and her street team also posted to their pages. She also created a Pinterest board for the book.

Facebook book parties. An unexpected bonus was the opportunity to participate in two book launch parties – one, in which Dianne joined 30+ authors for a three-day mega party, and the other, a 3-hour party in a genre-focused group.

“I didn’t fill up my bank account by any means, but I gained website and Facebook followers,” says Dianne. “Mostly, I stepped out of my comfort zone. It was important to me that I not rush or put enormous pressure on myself with tight deadlines. I feel like I accomplished that, and I certainly learned a lot.”

Bonus Infographic: 7 Steps to Plan an eBook Launch

7 Steps to Planning an eBook Launch

About Dianne Marie Andre

Preparing for an eBook Launch, with Dianne Andre | Episode 51 of The Professional Writer Podcast with Laura Christianson | BloggingBistro.comAfter surviving cancer, Dianne discovered the importance of story. She started writing essays to preserve family memories of those she loves. Then, later on, she wrote a fun, informative gardening newsletter, founded a garden website with helpful tips, wrote six books (three personal biographies, and three works of fiction), and articles for regional and mainstream magazines.

Eventually, she started writing fiction inspired by life, nature, and God’s grace and hope. She has been serving readers through passionate characters who overcome real-life struggles ever since (2014).

Preparing for an eBook Launch, with Dianne Andre | Episode 51 of The Professional Writer Podcast with Laura Christianson | BloggingBistro.comDianne’s most recent e-book release, Kiss Under the Lemon Tree, is narrated by an elderly man who recalls the story of his one true love. More than that, it is a story that portrays how choices, secrets, and misunderstandings can forever affect one’s relationships and faith… and through God’s grace, heal both.

Born in Oregon, Dianne was raised in California’s Central Valley, where she lives on twenty acres with her husband, Joe, her adorable rescue dog, Ralphie, a dozen hens, steers, and a bazillion trees.

In addition to her fiction e-books, she is a photographer of landscape, still life, and macros. She’s passionate about lush gardens, fresh flowers, chocolate, and Mexican food, but dislikes cooking.

Visit Dianne at diannemarieandre.com

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