13 – Giving Readers Exactly What They Want, With Karen Barnett

Posted May 11, 2020 | Laura Christianson
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13 - Giving Readers Exactly What They Want, With Karen Barnett


As author Karen Barnett was crafting her website’s “welcome” message, she asked herself challenging questions:

  • Why would anyone read my books?
  • What does my reader want from me as a writer?
  • What kind of experience do I want to give them?

Karen then put herself into the mind of her reader and asked,

As a reader, what will I take away from Karen’s novels?

Karen’s responses to those critical questions helped her discover her voice and her brand.

The Professional Writer Podcast, Episode #13, welcomes Karen Barnett and her buddy, Ranger Bear

In Episode #13, Karen reveals how she delivers on her promise of giving readers an “armchair getaway.”

Plus, you’ll meet Ranger Bear, a tiny stuffed animal who is helping Karen expand her brand in fun and unexpected ways.

Karen also shares several creative ideas she’s experimenting with to grow her email list – including one lead magnet that generated a more enthusiastic response than Karen ever dreamed of.

About Karen Barnett

The author of seven historical romances, Karen loves to immerse readers in a different time, giving them the chance to experience a bit of history through the eyes and hearts of her characters.

Karen’s Vintage National Parks Novels include The Road to Paradise, Where the Fire Falls, and Ever Faithful.

Karen lives in western Oregon with her husband, two teenagers, and three mischievous dachshunds. Visit her at karenbarnettbooks.com, and follow Ranger Bear’s adventures on Instagram at rangerbear_adventures.

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