1 – Do You Have to Write Books to be a REAL Writer? (Introducing The Professional Writer Podcast)

Posted February 14, 2020 | Laura Christianson
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The Professional Writer
1 - Do You Have to Write Books to be a REAL Writer? (Introducing The Professional Writer Podcast)


I’ll never forget the day I joined a group of fellow writers for lunch immediately following a writers conference. Several of us were meeting for the first time, so we went around the table and told about the type of writing we enjoy doing.

After everyone had introduced themselves, one of the writers announced, “Well, everyone here writes … except Laura.”

In episode #1 of The Professional Writer podcast – I’ll reveal the snappy comeback I would have made, had I been wittier.

Wherever you’re at in your writing life – whether you’re not ready to say, “I’m a writer,” or you’re preparing to launch a writing-related business, or you’re thinking of retooling and re-branding the writing you’re currently doing, this podcast is for you.

If you’re eager to explore how you can confidently plan, launch, and grow a writing-related business, I know you’re going to enjoy The Professional Writer podcast.

Here are a few of the themes we’ll be discussing in upcoming episodes:

Shifting Your Mindset

We’ll focus on making the mindset shift from writing as a hobby or writing in my spare time to working writer mode or writing as a business.  Together, we will practice thinking like entrepreneurs who are starting a writing-related business.

Overcoming Fear

We’ll address the fears that hold us back from even admitting we’re a writer. We’ll work at overcoming those fears and actively making forward progress.

Earning $$ from Writing

I’ll bring on guests who earn money writing in ways you may not have imagined, which I know is going to spark ideas in you or maybe help a latent passion to emerge.

The Business of Writing

We’ll talk about how to set up and manage your writing business, and we’ll work through questions that give entrepreneurial-minded writers headaches, such as:

  • “How do I know what to do next? I need to develop a workable strategy and prioritize where to invest my efforts.”
  • “How do I set fees for writing-related services, such as editing and consulting?”
  • “I’m having trouble using my time productively. What tools will make running my business easier and more efficient?”
  • “How do I recover when I suspect I’ve ruined my author brand?”

Marketing Your Book

For those of you who are writing books, we’ll explore topics such as:

  • “I’ve just started writing a book. When do I need to start preparing for my book launch? What things do I need to do to be prepared, and in what order should I do them?”
  • “I’ve finished my manuscript. Now what? Do I need an agent? What about a freelance editor? What kind of editor do I need? How do I work with an editor?”

My Approach to Marketing Your Writing

Most writers I know say they don’t like promoting themselves and they don’t understand marketing. They view marketing as those icky, smarmy, in-your-face sales messages that guilt people into buying your book.

To me, marketing begins a long time before you write the first word of your book or your article. It’s not a one-time deal that you start a few months before your book is published and end a few months after it’s published.

Marketing is an ongoing process… something that you do daily throughout the life of your brand.

I’m really excited about the marketing part of this podcast because marketing is my thing. During the episode, I’ll share my diverse experience as a writer and a marketer.

Shifting into Entrepreneurial Startup Mode

Starting a writing-related business is a learned skill, not a natural-born talent.

As you listen to The Professional Writer podcast, you’re going to learn how to do the basics right – those foundational elements you must have in place in order to launch and run a successful writing-related business.

You’re not going to just KNOW the basics; you’re going to DO them.

I’ll help you move from passive action – where you spend most of your time consuming courses, podcasts and blog posts and free downloads – to massive action – where you translate what you’re learning into action.

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