69 – Bookkeeping Tips for Your Biz, with Vanessa Butler

Posted September 6, 2021 | Laura Christianson
The Professional Writer
The Professional Writer
69 - Bookkeeping Tips for Your Biz, with Vanessa Butler


When I hear the phrase, “business finances,” I shudder.

I’m not a numbers person (I’m a word person, in case you haven’t noticed). I can’t tell you how grateful I am to be married to a mathematician who also happens to be my business manager!

I realize that most entrepreneurs don’t have the luxury of living with a skilled money manager.

That’s why I invited Vanessa Butler to guest on The Professional Writer podcast. Vanessa is a bookkeeping expert who understands the pressure of wearing all the hats when scaling a business.

Her goal is to help business owners take back their time to increase their bottom line. (You gotta love a bookkeeper who has a tagline that rhymes!)

Bookkeeping Tips for Your Biz, with Vanessa Butler

Vanessa and I discuss all things money:

  • Assessing the current financial health of your business (eek!)
  • Why “just get it done” accounting isn’t an efficient way to run your business.
  • Two important documents that form the financial foundation of your business.
  • Why mixing business and pleasure bank accounts is “a headache waiting to happen.”
  • How to create a realistic monthly budget. And after we create that budget, why we should actually look at it daily.

Vanessa also provides tips for:

  • Easy invoicing
  • Helpful accounting software
  • Efficient receipt organization

Crack open your Excel spreadsheet, friend, because you’ll want to take notes! (Okay, you’ll probably want to take notes on a Word doc, but I couldn’t resist saying “spreadsheet,” because that word makes me think about budgets, accounting, and money).

About Vanessa Butler

Vanessa ButlerVanessa is a bookkeeping expert who strategizes with small and medium-sized businesses to maximize their profit. Her specialty is creating and implementing accounting systems and identifying ways to improve existing processes.

Vanessa grew up in Los Angeles and has been on the road with her husband, son, and two fur-babies while building a successful remote business. She is rapidly closing in on the finish line at Penn State University, where she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Accounting to round out her degrees in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology.

Visit Vanessa at Butler-Bookkeeping.com

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