84 – Blogging for Fun and Money, with Gregory Halpen

Posted August 29, 2022 | Laura Christianson
The Professional Writer
The Professional Writer
84 – Blogging for Fun and Money, with Gregory Halpen

I was scrolling through the Facebook posts of a podcasting group I’m in when a particular post caught my eye.

It featured scrumptious-looking pictures of chocolate donuts, a chocolate parfait, and chocolate chip cookies.

Gregory Halpen's Oreo Brownies on CravingTheYun.com

Chocolate is my weakness, so of course, I clicked on the picture to learn more. That’s how I was introduced to today’s guest, Gregory Halpen, a passionate home baker, dessert blogger, photographer, and life coach.

Today’s episode is the first in an ongoing feature where I chat with people who do interesting things with their writing – other than writing books. Gregory certainly fits the bill!

Blogging for Fun and Money, with Gregory Halpen | The Professional Writer Podcast, Episode 84

You’ll hear about…

…how Gregory’s photo of two rice cakes with guacamole and pepper flakes on them radically changed his career path from psychotherapy to food blogging.

…how he tells an inspirational story through pictures and words.

…how a mid-life cancer diagnosis played a major role in becoming a dessert blogger and photographer.

…how he’s pushing past boundaries in his quest to become a “middle-aged influencer.”

…His two best tips for starting a side gig.

Gregory isn’t just blogging as a side gig, however.

He’s on the way to earning a living from dessert blogging and photography. You’ll hear about the income opportunities he’s exploring with Mediavine and with food brands.

We round out the episode by revealing Gregory’s ingenious secret to NOT eating all the desserts he photographs!

Gregory and I had a blast getting to know each other – I hope you giggle as much as we did during our chat.

About Gregory Halpen

Blogging for Fun and Money, with Gregory Halpen | The Professional Writer Podcast, Episode 84Gregory is the recipe creator, home-baker, photographer and writer behind Craving The Yum. He resides in NYC’s Washington Heights.

Gregory’s love for baking was instilled into him by his mom, a spitfire of a woman who could create beautiful things basically out of nothing. Gregory writes, “One day she would be drawing our portraits, and other days she would be painting the floor black with orange swirls.”

As a kid, he didn’t have much, and even though he didn’t have much money, his mom still made sure that the family had dessert after every dinner. From scratch!

Gregory loves to sing and holds an associate’s and bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Visit Gregory at CravingTheYum.com

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