19 – Three Irritants That Pull Readers Out of a Story

Posted June 22, 2020 | Laura Christianson
The Professional Writer
The Professional Writer
19 - Three Irritants That Pull Readers Out of a Story


I inhale over 100 novels per year, fully immersing myself in the imaginary world… except when the author rudely pulls me out of the story.

3 irritants that pull readers out of a story | The Professional Writer podcast with Laura Christianson

These three irritants yank me out of a story:

  1. Non-standard use of a common word or phrase
  2. Ignorance of geographic language differences
  3. Difficult-to-pronounce character names

In this 7-minute “Learn With Laura” episode, I give examples from (unnamed) novels I’ve been reading and share tips to help you avoid these mishaps and keep your reader engrossed.

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