How to Promote Your Blog: 4 Super Strategies for Beginners [Plus Infographic]

Posted August 1, 2016 | Laura Christianson

By Andrew Wise
Guest Contributor

As a blogger, have you ever felt as if you’re juggling a million and one things? From plugin downloads to decisions on the best WordPress themes, you are forced to make a number of pivotal decisions before you dive in to blogging.

We haven’t even touched upon what is arguably the most important part of all: the content. Publishing consistently good work on a regular basis can be outright exhausting. You have to come up with new ideas for blog posts, write them, spend hours editing them, and then finally, posting them.

What happens next?


You can write some of the best material to ever grace the internet, but it serves little purpose if no one except for you ever manages to read it, right? That’s where promotion comes in.

How to Promote Your Blog: 4 Super Strategies for Beginners [Plus Infographic] | BloggingBistro.comIf you establish a regular repertoire when it comes to promoting your blog posts, you will see a substantial increase in traffic to your site in no time at all.

There are countless ways in which bloggers promote their blogs, whether it be paid ads or guest spots on popular sites. But, because we’re starting on the ground floor, I have compiled four of the best (and simplest) ways you can promote with little effort.

Sound good? Let’s get started.

Strategy #1:
Install Yoast SEO plugin for optimal SEO.

If you are unfamiliar with just how important search engine optimization is to the success of your blog, you’ve come to the right place.

Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress | BloggingBistro.comYoast is one of the most popular plugins in the entire WordPress marketplace, and for a good reason. Not only does it help you to put out the best piece possible (it tests your blog post’s readability and gives you pointers on how to improve), but it also helps you score higher in SEO.

The higher your SEO score, the more likely you are to rank higher in search engine results. The higher you rank, the more likely you are for people to click your article.

So, to put it simply, if you optimize your search engine keywords with Yoast, you will rank higher on Google and more people will view and click on your link.

The only downside to Yoast is that it is extremely, extremely in depth. It can become overwhelmingly complicated to someone who isn’t very familiar with SEO, so I highly recommend that you check out a few tutorials on it before you get started.

Yoast published an in-depth tutorial on how the plugin works, so I suggest you start there and continue forward with your research so you can make the most of this helpful tool.

Strategy #2:
Use Buffer to create a posting schedule across social media.

We already established that bloggers have a lot on their plate. It certainly doesn’t help matters that there are a million and one popular social media platforms these days, each with their own unique audience.

Buffer scheduling tool | BloggingBistro.comSo you don’t spend 23 out of the 24 hours in a day posting across various social media platforms, apps like Buffer exist. All you do is sign up and you can schedule social media posts to your accounts that will be automatically posted at the date and time of your choosing.

Buffer even goes as far as to let you know what times for posting work best on certain networks, so you can reach the highest number of people with the smallest amount of stress and effort on your part.

Strategy #3:
Create a $5 infographic on Fiverr.

Sometimes, people don’t have the time to read a 2,000 word blog post. They may want the information, but they can’t connect with it. That’s where infographics come in.

Fiverr - for outsourcing infographics | BloggingBistro.comThe majority of us humans are visual creatures by nature – we respond positively to colorful images – so it makes sense that infographics work well.

An infographic a visual representation of information. Charts, colors, and images are used to replace words, creating a visual extravaganza of information.

Don’t worry if you’re not graphic design-savvy. Sites like Fiverr, a virtual marketplace for freelancers to find people in need of some work done, exist for this sole reason.

All you do is search for “infographics” in Fiverr’s search bar. From there, you can view profiles of people offering to design infographics, many for just $5.

Choose the person you want to complete your work, provide them with the necessary information, and they’ll get to working on it.

In just a few days, you’ll have an infographic! Infographics are great to post on social media with a link to your full-length blog post. They also provide free promotion for you in the process, as word gets out about your stunning visual design.

Note: Scroll to the bottom of this article to view the infographic, “27 Proven Article Promotion Strategies to Use After Hitting Publish,” or view it on Blogging Bistro’s Pinterest page.

Strategy #4:
Seek out Facebook groups in your niche.

Chances are, that if you are a human under the age of 90 years old, you’re on Facebook. You may as well use your time spent surfing people’s profiles to benefit your business.

Facebook Groups search | BloggingBistro.comFacebook groups are an awesome place to promote your content, and the best part is that groups are 100% free. All you have to do is join a few groups in your blog’s niche and get to posting.

Provide your readers with a short description to the article and the link, then post it to the group’s page and wait for the views to start rolling in.

The only problem that may arise from this sort of promotion is that there are many groups with too many promoters and not enough readers. To remedy this, I recommend you shop around and find the group that’s right for you.

You want a group that’s active, but not so active that you post will get wiped off the page in a matter of minutes. You also want to look for a group where each post has at least a few comments – remember, you want people to actually read your stuff!

Where Will You Start?

Which of these four strategies will you try first? Let us know in the Comments.

Note from Laura:

The article you just finished includes four of Andrew’s best blog promotion strategies for beginning bloggers. If you’re an intermediate or advanced blogger, you’ll want to bookmark his article, “30 Article Promotion Strategies That Got Me 97 Backlinks & 589 Shares in Under 30 Days.”

Andrew Wise, a full-time blogger, is the founder of

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How to Promote Your Blog: 4 Super Strategies for Beginners [Plus Infographic] | BloggingBistro.comWhat to do BEFORE Promoting Your Post

Andrew provided excellent tips for how to promote a published blog post. If you need additional tips for what to do BEFORE hitting “Publish,” be sure to download our handy checklist.

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