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Posted October 4, 2016 | Laura Christianson

Facebook Fatigue. I’ll bet this condition has afflicted you. I certainly struggle with it.

In fact, I’m “fasting” from my personal Facebook profile. I’m preparing to launch the new online course division of Blogging Bistro, so I need every spare minute I can squeeze out of each workday. Something had to give, and that something was Facebook.

Help for Facebook Fatigue | BloggingBistro.comWhile I’m active daily on Blogging Bistro’s Facebook Page, I’ve pretty much abandoned my personal timeline, at least until after the presidential election in the U.S. (Is it just me, or have you been subjected to more anti-Trump, anti-Hillary updates than you can stomach?)

I had the pleasure of discussing Facebook Fatigue with my friend, Kathi Lipp, on her new podcast, Communicator Academy.

Kathi and I met a couple of years ago, when we began serving on the Board of Directors for West Coast Christian Writers. I’ve been to her home in San Jose, CA, and met her adorable puggle, Jake.

Jake, Kathi Lipp's dogAnd her curious kitty, Ashley, who immediately climbed into my rolling briefcase to explore. Oh yeah, I met her hubby, Roger, and an assortment of their kids, as well.

Kathy and Roger have visited our home in the Seattle area, where I showed them our extremely cluttered garage and our John Deere graveyard.

The John Deere Graveyard(Kathy wrote a book called Clutter Free, which I pretty much read out loud to my hubby, who loves to collect stuff.)

I know that Kathi loves coffee, almost more than she loves Roger, so when they visited our home, I asked, “Would you like some toddy?”

Dead silence. They both stared at me with horrified expressions. “Uh… isn’t it kind of early in the day to begin drinking?” Kathi asked.

It hit me. What my family calls “toddy” is known at Starbucks as “small batch cold brew.”

My hubby showed them our toddy maker, aka, “cold brew system,” and we served them each a fresh cup (minus the Bailey’s Irish Cream). They liked it so much that Roger bought Kathi the same toddy maker the very next day.

And now, back to Facebook fatigue.

Sorry for the digression. Long story short: Kathi invited me to guest on her podcast. I said yes. We recorded the 20-minute segment. Here it is.

Here are the Show Notes.

Freebie Time!

Grab the special freebie I created for listeners. This 8-page PDF is chock-full of practical ideas to help you combat Facebook fatigue. You’ll start by getting realistic about WHY and HOW you’re using Facebook. Plus, you’ll find ideas for:

  • How to take a “fast” from Facebook
  • How to mix up the content you post
  • How to organize your ideas into content “buckets”

The PDF also includes Facebook user demographics – loads of helpful statistics about:

  • Facebook users
  • Engagement rates
  • Content that gets the highest engagement
  • Ideal post length
  • Facebook video

AND, you’ll get links to 10 Facebook tutorials at

To get your freebie, text FATIGUE TO 44222, or click the button below.

I need help combating Facebook Fatigue!

What’d You Think?

Kathi and I would love to know what you thought of the Facebook Fatigue episode. Please leave a comment or email me.

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