I Discovered an Awesome GDPR-Compliant Privacy Policy

Posted February 11, 2019 | Laura Christianson

GDPR-Compliant Privacy Policy and Other Legal forms for your Website | BloggingBistro.com(This post has been updated for 2019). This is part 2 in my GDPR series.

I received an email from a woman who asked,

“Is it permissible to use copied portions of your privacy policy on my website? I would never want to compromise your intellectual property, but the policies I have viewed are all mostly the same.”

I confess that I’ve wrestled with this same question. I researched and tested privacy policy templates until I went stir-crazy. Then, miracle of miracles, I discovered one I absolutely love (if it’s possible to love a privacy policy). Not only is it a great policy, it’s FREE!

It’s from Bobby Klinck, an intellectual property attorney who provides an array of easy-to-customize legal templates for business owners.

Legal Template Library from Bobby Klinck

I bought a 3-pack of legal templates that should go on every website:

  1. GDPR-compliant Privacy Policy – Where you tell website visitors what info you collect, how you use it, and how you protect it.
  2. Disclaimer – Where you tell visitors that you are not giving them professional “advice”; where you disclose information about affiliates and related topics, and where you disclaim liability for certain events.
  3. Terms of Use – Ground rules for your website; where you tell visitors about the lawful use of your website.

Following Bobby’s step-by-step video instructions, I quickly and easily customized each template, uploaded them to stand-alone pages on my website, and then linked to them in the footer of my website.

That was money well-spent!

While I’ve had legal policies on my website for some time, I’ve always felt uneasy about them. With these policies, I feel confident that I’ve covered all my bases.

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that I only recommend resources that I use and believe will make your business life easier. After buying and using Bobby’s forms, I got so excited about recommending them to all my readers that I joined his affiliate program. If you purchase the legal forms, I’ll get a commission.

Going back to the question my reader asked: “Is it permissible to use copied portions of your privacy policy on my website?”

The answer is: NO.

The forms I purchased are licensed for a one-business usage. They are also customized for my business. All three legal forms include clauses that may or may not apply to your business, and you’ll want to download the full template and watch Bobby’s instructional videos so you can decide exactly which clauses to include in your forms.

I am one step closer to being GDPR-compliant. Join me? Buy the 3-pack of legal templates now.

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