What Can You Do If Someone is Infringing on Your Copyright via Pinterest

Welcome to Pinterest Prep School, Session 6. Our guest columnist, Teresa Simon, continues her instruction on copyright issues related to Pinterest.

If your content is pinned or repinned on Pinterest without your permission or without crediting you as the source, here are some suggested next steps.

1.  Be Clear on What You Are Trying to Accomplish

Do you expect the pins to be removed entirely?

Or would you be satisfied if the user changed the associated URL to credit you as the source?

While it’s possible that some are intentionally trying to profit from your work, many users are probably unaware that what they are doing is wrong and hurtful to you and would be happy to make corrections once notified.

2.  Take Action If Necessary

Based on what you are trying to accomplish, you can:

  • Add a comment under the pinned image asking the person who pinned it to either remove the pin entirely or update the associated URL to credit you as the source (provide them with the correct link).
  • Report the infringement instance(s) to Pinterest directly using the process outlined in their Pinterest Copyright/Trademark guidelines.

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Teresa Simon has worked for over a decade in management consulting and for Microsoft. She’s currently on hiatus with her young children and works as a freelance writer. She has written for Focus on the Family and blogs about using everyday life to teach kids about God.

Follow Teresa on Pinterest or visit her at blessedwithanest.com