Top Tips for Traffic-Building with Tumblr

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Tumblr is often overlooked both as a blogging platform & as a social media outlet, but has the potential to take blogging to the next level.

What is Tumblr?

Annabelle Rose

Tumblr is a combination of a blogging platform and a social networking website that lets you share text, photos, links, videos, music, & more.

So far, 91.5 million users have made 41.6 billion posts!

How does it work?

After you create & customize your Tumblr account, start posting!

Follow other users, like & reblog posts, or search for specific tags.

Tumblr is best used for sharing photos, videos, & short posts to enable quick scrolling:  It’s like Twitter, but with visual mini-blog posts!

Why use Tumblr?

1.  Opportunity to expose content to millions

A Tumblr blog can stand alone, but can also supplement blogs on traditional platforms, such as Blogger & WordPress.

It is another social option, like Facebook or Pinterest, that can promote & direct traffic to your core blog.

2.  Customizable

Tumblr screenshot

Tumblr’s customizable Theme Garden has a large range of both free and paid themes from which you can choose.

From there, you can customize colors, content, HTML, and more.

You can even add custom pages like a traditional blog.

3.  Quick & easy

Family Focus Blog on Tumblr
  • Post content from your Tumblr dashboard with the click of a button.
  • Or add the Bookmarklet to post to Tumblr from any webpage.
  • Or post through the app, text, email, or by “calling in” a podcast.
  • Mass edit tags and posts with the Mega-Editor.
  • Install a Tumblr plugin to share posts from your website on Tumblr automatically.

4.  Connects to other social platforms

You can automatically publish posts on Twitter or Facebook without installing plugins.

5.  Ability to schedule posts in advance

One of the coolest things about Tumblr is the ability to set up a queue of future posts.  You can create and schedule posts to be published at a later time!  Select custom dates or post on a daily schedule.

Tumblr Queue

This gives you an active, quality Tumblr without spending much time.

6.  Connects you to other users

Like Twitter, you can make social connections by liking & reposting content, following users, asking and replying to questions, and submitting posts on the blogs that allow you.

You can also search for your friends by connecting to Facebook.

How You Can Use Tumblr

1.  Repackage content:

Use excerpts & photos from existing posts & link back to your blog

2.  Reblog content:

Posting and reblogging content between members is what Tumblr is all about.  Consistent, quality posting and reblogging increases exposure & interactions with others.

3.  Expand on your original blog:

Explore and expand on topics you have touched on, but include more images, discussion, or inspiration.

4.  Set up RSS feeds…

…from other blogs, import from YouTube or Flickr, or include bookmarks from Digg, Delicious, & StumbleUpon.

5.  Link Tumblr to your Google Analytics.

Tips for Maximizing Traffic

  1. Organize tags to help potential users easily find your blog posts
  2. Follow the big guys to get followed back and promote your blog
  3. Choose your photo & name wisely-they are the first things seen
  4. Include a Tumblr entry option on your blog giveaways

Tumblr brings a simplicity to blogging that I adore, but how do you feel about it?  Do you Tumble?

Annabelle AbsarAnnabelle Absar who writes for Family Focus Blog, a blog on parenting, eco tips and giveaways.  You can follow along on Facebook for family topic discussions.

  • nice piece of information, i use tumblr but still not have plenty of follower, i need to promote more and deal with big guys like you say 🙂 thanks

  • nice piece of information, i use tumblr but still not have plenty of follower, i need to promote more and deal with big guys like you say 🙂 thanks