Top Stories on Blogging Bistro During 2013

Blogging Bistro Top Stories of 2013 403We’re so grateful for our dedicated readers, as well as to those of you who drop by once in a while — nearly a half million of you visited during 2013!

While our primary goal is to serve our clients through (1) coaching on brand identity and social media strategy, (2) writing content, and (3) creating custom websites, we love to blog. We look forward to another year of learning with you during 2014.

But first, here’s a look back at our most popular articles from 2013.

The 10 Most-Read Articles

Facebook continues to befuddle people, which explains why eight out of the top 10 most-read articles at during 2013 were Facebook tutorials.

  1. How to delete a Facebook Fan Page
  2. 15 Secrets For the Perfect Business Portrait
  3. Two Quick Ways to Find The List of Fans Who Like Your Facebook Page
  4. Can I Create a Facebook Page That’s Not Connected to My Personal Timeline (and Other Common Facebook Questions)
  5. How to Remove Yourself from a Facebook Group
  6. 6 Simple Steps for Customizing Your Facebook Timeline
  7. Painful Similes and Metaphors from High School Students
  8. How to Customize the Apps Images on Your Facebook Fan Page
  9. How to Schedule Status Updates on a Facebook Fan Page
  10. How to Edit the Thumbnail Image that Accompanies a Facebook Link

Image-Related Tutorials

With the exploding popularity of Pinterest and Instagram, it’s no surprise that our readers are increasingly interested in image-related tutorials.

  1. The Essential Guide to Using Instagram for Your Small Business
  2. 20 Terrific Places to Find Free and Low-Cost Stock Photos Online
  3. Pinterest Tip: How to Shape-Shift and Frame Images
  4. How to Quickly Create a Facebook Cover Photo Collage with PicMonkey

How To-torials

How-tos continue to be our most popular style of blog post.

  1. 10 Simple Steps to Achieving All-Star Status on LinkedIn
  2. How to Embed a Facebook Update on Your Blog

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We Think You’ll Like…

Our personal favorites:

  1. Six Surefire Ways to Guarantee Your Guest Blogging Pitch Gets Instantly Rejected
  2. What I Did When Someone Stole my Blog’s Content
  3. Why the ‘Spray and Pray’ Marketing Method Doesn’t Work
  4. ‘The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage’ Updates Online-Related Terms

Popular Posts from Our Guest Columnists

We love our guest columnists! During 2013, we featured articles from 28 guests. We also welcomed staff writer, Andrea Sharaf, who crafts many of our Friday social media roundup articles as well as other content.

We have stringent guest columnist guidelines. If you’re interested in contributing, carefully read and follow the guidelines.

  1. How to Claim Your Content with Google Authorship, by Matt Morgan
  2. Five Great Sites for Instantly Creating Images out of Text, by Erin Kirk
  3. Building An Author Platform From The Inside Out, by Judith Ingram

If you’re making a Bloggy New Year’s Resolution, check out this post:

  1. 5 Steps for Planning a Year’s Worth of Blogging, by Katherine Scott Jones