Tips for Creating a Book Marketing Plan

One of my favorite blogs for authors and aspiring authors is “Between the Lines,” written by the agents at Books & Such Literary Management. The agents take turns writing about the publishing industry, so the content is always fresh and varied.

I enjoyed Janet Kobobel Grant’s post, “How to talk to your publisher about your marketing plan.” Her article is primarily directed to authors who have an agent and a contract with a royalty publishing house, but indie authors can adapt her suggestions.

Janet’s key points:

Ask your publisher’s marketing department to send you a copy of your book’s marketing plan. List your questions (about the marketing plan) and run them by your agent. Your agent will know immediately “if your book is receiving minimal attention, mid-level attention, or significant attention.”

Once you have this baseline, you can plan more effectively for what you can do to supplement your publisher’s efforts, such as:

  • Book launch party
  • Guest blogging
  • Advertising in niche publications

Be enthusiastic. Whining, complaining, or sounding uninformed get you nowhere.

Have your own marketing plan ready to share with your publisher. If you’ll need postcards, bookmarks, prizes for a giveaway contest, etc., be prepared to tell the marketing people how you’ll use each item you request.

Prepare a timeline. Marketing departments juggle a lot of tight deadlines, and they love it when they know that you’re planning ahead and that you’re excited about partnering with them to promote your book.

Want to learn more?

Janet Grant and I, along with best-selling novelist, Davis Bunn, will team up to facilitate a panel discussion on “Planning Your Book Launch” at the 2015 Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference (CA).

We’ll reveal insider secrets for planning a successful book promotion. We’ll answer questions such as:

  • When should you reveal the cover?
  • What should you include on your author website?
  • Do you have to be engaged on several social networks? Hire a publicist? Run contests with big-ticket prizes?

Mount Hermon is one of my favorite all-time writers’ conferences — it’s well worth every penny you pay to get there! Mark your calendar for March 27-31, 2015.

Bonus goodies

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Read what one of this year’s participants had to say about Laura’s pre-conference track in “Five cool tips from a blog mentoring clinic,” by Norma Nill.

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