Three Key Changes to Facebook’s Fan Page Design

Facebook Page Admins: Watch for your new page design (which began rolling out the week of March 10-14, 2014).

Three key changes to expect:

  1. One column page feed. The right column will contain your page feed in one tidy area, while the left column will contain information about your business. FINALLY! No more eyeball ping pong.
  2. Apps images move to the left column. Apps images are the 111 x 74 px images that, until now, displayed beneath your cover photo. Earlier this week, Facebook announced that apps would be accessed via a “More” dropdown menu.  But after a huge outcry from page owners (many of whom have spent a lot of money having custom apps developed), Facebook opted to display apps images in the “More” menu AND in the left column. (Thanks to the fantastic folks at Woobox, who have helped me create many an app, for providing this info.) The image below shows where apps can be accessed:
    Facebook apps location
  3. Page title superimposed on cover photo.  In an attempt create more cohesiveness between the cover photo area and the Page Feed, Facebook is slapping text, tabs, and buttons atop the cover photo. Millions of page owners who’ve painstakingly designed custom cover photos will now need to redesign their cover image (Yes, Blogging Bistro designs cover photos. Contact us for a free, no-obligation estimate).

This image from Facebook previews what your page will look like:

The new design has also made it easier to access page admin tools – a good thing, since that section has always been clunky.  This area now includes the “Pages to Watch” tool, where you can compare the growth and reach of your page to similar pages.

Your page’s Insights (weekly stats) have moved to the top left of the Admin Panel. Now you don’t even have to click to discover the ever-lower reach your updates are seeing – you can get instantly depressed!

Check out Facebook’s announcement of the new design for pages to see additional screenshots, read more about the redesign, or leave a comment regarding the changes.

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Image courtesy of Facebook.

  • Karen

    Does this mean my custom tabs will not be hidden away, like previously reported? Hooray! I was feeling pretty sad after having spent so much time on them.

  • That is correct, Karen. At least, as of today! The custom apps images will display in the lefthand column, although I have not heard whether they are keeping the size of the images the same. For the tabs that will display in the “More” drop-down, I am unsure whether those will display images or just links.

  • Karen

    That’s fantastic news, Laura. Thank you. I am looking forward to seeing the changes. I think the single column display will be a huge improvement.

  • I agree with you on the single column display. The two column format drives me bonkers! P.S. Thanks for the tweets!

  • ChrisRob729

    My page switched over today and the apps do not show up on the left side of the page…they are only visible under “More”

  • That’s unfortunate. Everything I’ve read indicates the apps and images will be visible in the left column, as well. Perhaps that’s a feature they plan to release later? You never know with Facebook.