The Best Way for a Blogger to Connect with the Press (Guest Column)

Lee Block, Guest Columnist

This is a guest article by Lee Block. If you would like to submit a guest column, please check out our guest post guidelines.

Whether you have a blog where you review items, or a travel blog or even a basic business blog, it is always great to be connected to the press. But, how do you go about getting those public relations firms to even give you the time of day?

First, sign up with HARO. There are two sides to HARO. One side is the Public Relations, or those who respond to the queries to get their news or ideas published, and then there is the side that is seeking information. If you are looking for information, such as items to review or information about resorts, this is a great resource.

There are some things to know though before you submit a query to HARO. First, you must have an Alexa ranking of fewer than 2,000,000. You can check your ranking with Alexa by going to their site and typing in your URL.  If you do not have a ranking under that 2 million mark, HARO will not put out your query.

Next, be careful how you word your query. If you are looking for products, do not put that you want to review products, but that you want to know about the latest trends in say, travel. Not only does HARO not like to send out queries that ask for reviews of items, but you will not get very many responses.

If you word your query right, you should get on average 50 – 100 responses. Although time consuming, respond to all with a thank you, even if you are not going to use their information that they sent you. It is always wise to say that you will keep their information for potential articles, and to please add you to their email list for future press releases.

You will find that many of the companies and PR firms that contact you will offer to send you merchandise. You see, you are opening a door for them to spread the word with free advertising. They will bend over backwards to provide you with the material, pictures and many other things that you need for your article or review.

If you form a great relationship with a PR firm, it is invaluable, as they will continually send you information, which is more research for future articles.

And, finally, when you do use the material you get from the PR company, let them know with a link to the article. Don’t be shy; ask them to put it on the Facebook page and to tweet it!  It will bring you great new traffic and followers.

Lee Block is a professional blogger and writer for others. She also is following her passion for travel and cocktails on her travel site, The Travel Connoisseurs. You can follow her on Twitter @TrvlConnOsseur.