Target Becomes Friends with Facebook, Offers ‘Social Savings’ Discounts

By Laura Christianson

If you use Facebook and shop at Target, take note. You can now get special discounts on products you buy at Target through accessing a special app via your Facebook personal Timeline.

Here’s how it works:

Go to and log in via your Facebook account (you have to give the app permission to access your personal Timeline).

Browse “Hot Deals,” “Top Offers,” or “Collections” (deals organized by topic). I found discounts from 5%-25% off on everything from graduation cards to Post-It Notes® to Gardenburgers to Coleman Sleeping bags.

I tested the system by clicking on the deal for 10% off on Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Products (since I’ve been needing some new liquid hand soap anyway).  Each deal gives you three options:

1.  Add

Adds the deal to “my cartwheel.”

Mrs Meyer's Add

When you first sign in to Cartwheel, you’ll need to select who you’ll share your Cartwheel activity with on Facebook.  Based on these privacy settings, actions you perform within Cartwheel may be published to your Facebook friends’ news feed.

Cartwheel Settings

If you choose to share your Cartwheel activity with “Only Me,” you’ll be the only one able to view it on your Facebook timeline.

If you select “Public,” anyone viewing Cartwheel activity on Facebook will be able to see your activity.

To adjust your Facebook privacy settings, click “Settings,” located in the upper right-hand corner of your Cartwheel screen (to the right of your Facebook profile image and username). You can customize a couple of privacy settings within Cartwheel and then click the “Facebook settings” link to customize the privacy settings for the “Cartwheel by Target” app, which will display in the list of apps you’ve installed to Facebook.

Another way to adjust the privacy settings is to open your App Settings in Facebook at

  • Next to “Cartwheel by Target,” select “Edit.”
  • Then select the dropdown menu next to “Visibility of App.”
  • Select your choice and click “Close.”

2.  Share

Opens a “Post to Your Wall” dialog box into which you can type a personalized update to share with your Facebook friends.

Testing Cartwheel by Target

3.  Details

Shows you when the offer expires, how many people have redeemed it. And, of course, it gives you the option to Like the Facebook page for the offer you selected.

Cartwheel gives you 10 spots to add deals to, and you can also share the entire list of deals you found with your Facebook friends. You can earn additional spots by unlocking Cartwheel “badges.” Apparently, the more you share your Cartwheel activity on Facebook, the more badges, spots, and perks you earn.

Redeeming Your Discounts

You can redeem your discounts at any Target store in the U.S. (sorry, Canadians) where the checker will scan the QR code on the printed deal you bring with you.

Or, if you have a mobile device with you when you go to Target, you can go to, log in to your account via Facebook, and ask the cashier to scan the barcode so you can get the discount.

According to Cartwheel’s FAQ, you can redeem all the Cartwheel offers on your list at the time of your transaction. For example, if you have 10 offers on your list when you scan your barcode at a Target store, and you’re purchasing items tied to all 10 offers, you’ll save on all 10 items.

You can save on your entire Cartwheel list up to 6 times per day. I’m not 100% sure what that means – whether you can purchase six of the same item and get the discount on all six, or whether you have to make six different transaction on the same item in one day. Hopefully, it’s the first option!

When an offer expires, it is automatically removed from your Cartwheel list.

My Thoughts

When I tried logging in to the Cartwheel app on my smartphone at home (where I have a strong signal), it was cumbersome and sluggish. I predict great frustration for myself should I attempt to redeem the offer using my smartphone while I’m in a Target store, where I often get no signal.

To make this app worth using, Target needs to offer more enticing deals. Five percent off a bottle of Coke is not worth the gas money it would take me to drive to Target. Plus, the sales tax where I live is nearly 10%, so the savings would not even cover the tax.

If they offered 25-40% discounts, I might consider it.

Deactivating Cartwheel

If you installed Cartwheel on your Facebook profile and decide not to use it after all, you can deactivate or delete the app by logging in to Facebook, clicking Account Settings > Apps > Cartwheel by Target.

To the right of the “Edit” link, click the x to delete your Cartwheel account.

What about you?

Will you give Cartwheel by Target a shot? If you do, let me know what you think, and share any great deals you find.