Desperate for more Facebook Page Likes? Try this simple technique

I love experimenting with new techniques that may improve social reach – the amount of people who like/follow/interact with you on social networks.

My favorite all-time blogger, Darren Rowse, aka, ProBlogger, shared an easy technique for growing your Facebook page likes – a tip that he learned from Helen Edwards, blogger at Recycled Interiors.

Quick Tip: An easy technique to get more Facebook Page likes | BloggingBistro.comFirst, I’ll share Darren’s video that clearly explains the technique, and then I’ll unveil the results of my experiment.

Keep in mind…

Darren’s blog post gives detailed written instructions for how to implement the technique, so I won’t rehash his instructions. But here are several important things to remember:

This technique is for PAGES (not personal profiles) that have less than 100,000 likes.

You need to be logged in to Facebook via a laptop or desktop computer (not mobile) to do this.

Look for the “and xyz others” link below the update and click it, as shown highlighted in yellow on author Thomas Locke’s Facebook page (which Blogging Bistro manages):

Quick tip for getting more likes to your Facebook Page | Blogging BistroAfter you click the “Invite” button to invite someone to like the page, the button will change to “Invited.”

If the person has already liked the page, it will display as “Liked.”

The invitation Facebook sends will come from the personal profile from which you administer the page. So, for example, invites to like Thomas Locke’s page would have said,

“Laura Christianson invites you to like Thomas Locke’s page.”

There’s nothing wrong with that; people send out invites to like others’ pages all the time.

But I wanted the invite to come directly from Thomas Locke, so I logged out of my own account and into his personal account before going through the process. That way, the invites said,

“Thomas Locke invites you to like the TLockeBooks Facebook page.”

The results of my experiment

For five days, I experimented with the technique on three Facebook pages I manage.

Page #1

  • Started with over 2700 likes
  • Invited 100 people to like the page
  • 15 new people liked the page – 15% of the people invited

Page #2

  • Started with over 7100 likes.
  • Invited 50 people to like the page
  • 6 new people liked the page – 12% of the people invited

Page #3

  • Started with over 580 likes
  • Invited 18 people to like the page
  • 1 new person liked the page – 5.5% of the people invited

Modest increase in Page likes

Although the results were modest, the experiment did work. I plan to continue trying it on recently published posts.

Give it a whirl!

Try this technique on your own page and let me know what you discover.

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