Simple Marketing Tips to Save Time and Build Business [Plus Infographic]

If you own your own business — no matter how big or small it is — you’re always on the lookout for great tips that will help you build your business, but won’t sap all your time. Here are three helpful articles and an infographic that I hope will inspire you.

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The simple power of one a day

There are 200 working days per year (at least). Commit to doing one simple marketing item once each day, and your business could change drastically. Seth Godin shares 12 excellent things to try.

30 ways you can save one minute every day

As a followup to Seth Godin’s marketing tips, above, I offer up this article by Mike Vardy. Mike says that if you can find 30 ways to save one minute a day, then you’ll save 3.5 hours over a week, which can lead to 182 hours over the year. Sounds good to me!

Some of the tips I like best include:

  • Check voicemails half the time you do now.
  • Turn off notifications.
  • Keep your work and personal emails in separate places.
  • Use Buffer for link sharing.

Is your startup doomed to failure?

Close to 85 percent of startups don’t survive past six months, even with initial funding. In this excellent in-depth article, Martha Pierce presents several case studies of promising startups that bit the dust in a hurry.

Here are five takeaways I gleaned about how to build a successful business:

  1. Know your audience (and be ready to adapt, if your original target audience ends up being the wrong one).
  2. Choose your co-founders well. Serial entrepreneur Alisha Outridge says, “People need to be really passionate about building a company with you, not just building a product.”
  3. Know your focus (and be ready to rapidly shift it).
  4. Be clear on the ROI (Return on Investment) of your venture. Grant Cardone, star of the reality TV show ‘Turnaround King’, advises, “You have to make a profit. All [startup failures] are financial in nature. When you run out of money, no matter how good of an idea you have, it’s over.”
  1. With ROI in mind: Don’t undersell your products or services.

Infographic: Inbound Marketing Rising