Press Release from Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Earned My Attention — and My Business

I somehow ended up on the mailing list of every PR agency in the United States. And several in Great Britain. And India.

Usually, I instantly delete the myriad of sales pitches I receive daily. But a press release from Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day caught my attention. It opened with the irresistible phrase:

“We’d love to send you a sample.”

Not one to resist free samples — especially when they’re scented candles from one of my favorite companies — I bit.

A few days later, my samples arrived, as promised. I’ve been enjoying the scents of my limited-edition holiday candle tins in Iowa Pine and Orange Clove “flavors.”

I really do like these little candles. The Iowa Pine scent is a bit strong for my taste, and since I live in Washington state, we tend to prefer the scent of U-cut Noble, Grand, or Douglas Fir Christmas trees. Not to put down Iowans — I’m sure your pine trees smell fine, too. But we’re tree snobs in the Pacific Northwest; we can’t help ourselves.

My fave candle is the orange clove — it has a soothing apple ciderish scent.

The best thing about these little candles is that they only cost $2.50 at Target. What a deal!

In case you haven’t discovered Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, I highly recommend these eco-friendly products. I especially love their geranium room freshener and liquid hand soap.

This little exercise proved that I am not as immune to e-mail press releases as I thought I was. Here’s what caught me:

The Subject line used keywords that caught my attention:

Holiday Stocking Stuffers from Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day!

The press release was four short paragraphs, which consisted of:

  1. Greeting
  2. Free sample offer
  3. Product pitch
  4. Explanation of attached images and press information, along with a “personal” note from the publicist explaining that she’d be happy to send me additional information.

There were no wasted words — no hype.

The publicist followed up with me to make sure I received my samples and to encourage me to share the link to this blog post with them “so that I can share with the brand and they can circle back via social media to promote you.”

Nice work, publicist Amanda!


Do you have a favorite Mrs. Meyer’s product that I must put on my Christmas list?