Pinterest Tip: How to Shape-Shift and Frame Images

By Laura Christianson

Scroll through your Pinterest feed and you’ll see hundreds upon hundreds of rectangular images. You want to make your pins stand out in the crowd, right?

Here’s a quick trick: change the picture’s shape or frame it.

Frame It

In this BEFORE and AFTER shot, I used (a free online photo editor) to create a Polaroid frame. Then I added text to create a caption.

Finally, I added Ribbet’s “Before & After” frame to demonstrate how this quick, simple change created a whole new look.

Shape Shift

Another technique is to apply a “rounded edge” effect. I took this to the extreme for this example.

First, I cropped the image square.

Then I selected Frames > Rounded Edges. I dragged the “Corner Radius” tool all the way to the right to create a perfectly round image.

Note that this image has a white background. Ribbet’s “rounded edges” tool allows you to choose a custom background color.

I uploaded my round picture to Pinterest, just to see how it would look, and the round shape really does draw your eye.

Your Assignment

Try shape-shifting your own photo. Upload it to Pinterest and share a link to your pin so we can check it out.

Have fun!

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