Pinterest: Account Security, Unlimited Secret Boards, Animated GIFs

By Andrea Sharaf

Pinterest has got it right. So often when a social media service updates its features, users cringe because they have to relearn things that didn’t necessarily need fixing. Not so with Pinterest. Check out these three Pinterest features that make Pinterest more secure, easier to use, and, well, more fun.

Let’s take a look at:

  • Pinterest’s Hacker-Catching Abilities
  • Unlimited Secret Boards
  • Animated GIFs

Secure Your Pinterest Account

A few weeks ago I logged onto my Pinterest account to discover it was in Safe Mode because of suspicious activity on my account. In Safe Mode I could still view my Pinterest feed and boards, but I couldn’t pin anything.

As I looked over my boards, I realized my account had been hacked. Apparently, someone had gotten into my account, started a “Skin care” board, and pinned this pin of an older woman pulling new, young skin over her face. This image, in the vein of “try this one weird trick!” sidebar ads, is not the kind of picture I normally pin.

Thankfully, Pinterest knew this was spam and locked my account before the hacker could add more weird pins. To unlock my account, all I had to do was verify my email address and password. I also took the opportunity to create a more secure password. Then I simply deleted the imposter’s board.

I had made the mistake of thinking, “Why would anyone want to hack my Pinterest account? How could they possibly benefit from it?”

Unfortunately, spammers do hack Pinterest accounts, and spam pins could damage your reputation on Pinterest. As with all accounts, it’s important to choose a secure password and change it regularly.

Check out this Blogging Bistro post for tips on creating a tough-to-crack password and using a secure password manager.

Unlimited Secret Boards

The folks at Pinterest heard how much we loved the upgrade from three to six secret boards in December 2013 and decided to give all users unlimited secret boards!

Secret boards are perfect for creating boards that you’re not quite ready to unveil, like promotional material or inspiration for your upcoming book. If you use your account for business as well as pleasure, secret boards are also ideal for separating your professional and personal pins.

A couple quick tips for using secret boards:

  • You can invite another Pinterest user to collaborate on your secret board.
  • No one but the account administrator (you) sees what gets pinned to secret boards. That’s why they call them “secret!”
  • You can always make a secret board public, but once you make a board public you cannot make it secret again.

Pinterest Supports Animated GIFs

Did you know that Pinterest supports animated GIFs, the animated stop-motion photos that run in loops?

pit an avocado

While most animated GIFs fall into the mindless entertainment category (which we all need from time to time), this blog post from Pinterest presents a few clever ideas for animated GIFS, like demonstrating a workout move or how to quickly peel a potato.

In her January 2014 newsletter, Joan Stewart, aka The Publicity Hound, also shared a few out-of-the-box ideas for how to use animated GIFs for publicity.


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