Overcoming ‘The Resistance’ (Podcast from Michael Hyatt)

“Today I’m going to compose that blog post I’ve been meaning to write. But first I need to clean off my desk so I can think clearly.”

“I need to work out today. But I’m feeling a little tired. Maybe I’ll take a short nap first.”

Like me, you may have encountered “The Resistance,” that insidious inner voice that opposes you whenever you resolve to start a new project or improve some area of your life.

Productivity expert, Michael Hyatt, addresses the lure of “The Resistance” in his March 3, 2013 podcast.

He helps us understand four attributes of The Resistance and offers three strategies for defeating The Resistance:

  • Strategy #1: Fear. The typical response to this strategy is procrastination.The countermeasure is to START.
  • Strategy #2: Uncertainty. The typical response is distraction.The countermeasure is to FOCUS.
  • Strategy #3: Doubt. This usually occurs at the end of a project, and the typical response is to quit and leave the work unfinished.The countermeasure is to FINISH.

I was inspired and motivated by Hyatt’s podcast, “How to Overcome The Resistance,” and I think you will be, too. Click here to download or listen to it, or click the player below to listen to it right here.

I’m working my way through all of Michael Hyatt’s podcasts, and I highly recommend them. Michael is articulate and organized, and his podcasts are packed with practical information.

After you listen, please comment on one thing that inspired you.