My New, Improved Blogging Editorial Calendar

Magazine editors create editorial calendars that show the themes and major features for upcoming issues. It’s important for bloggers to develop an editorial calendar, as well.

I’m making changes to my blogging editorial calendar so:

  • we can interact more with one another
  • I can get better organized
Makeover Mondays

Yesterday, I introduced you to Makeover Mondays, a new regular feature that will be launching next week.

I’m re-organizing my themes for other days of the week as well:

Tutorial Tuesdays

Articles published on Tuesdays will generally be how-tos or informational in nature.

Guest article Wednesdays

I love to feature articles written by my readers. If you want to submit a guest post, check out our guidelines.

Twitter Thursdays

Twitter is growing by leaps and bounds; there’s always some new app to review or technique to share. If you have a question about Twitter you’d like me to address, please contact me.

Facebook Fridays

The Facebook powers that be have been driving users bonkers lately with the changes they’ve been making to the interface. We help readers stay abreast of the latest goings-on in Facebookdom.

More on blog editorial calendars:

  • sounds like a plan. i can't wait!

  • sounds like a plan. i can't wait!