It’s Time to Master Facebook Ads

Several of our business clients have been begging me to help them develop and manage Facebook advertising campaigns to promote their local brick-and-mortar businesses.

While I have some experience with Facebook ad campaigns and know my way around both Power Editor and Ads Manager, I wouldn’t put “Facebook Ads Expert” at the top of my skill set.

Facebook Page organic reach is down... again. If you want to promote your business on Facebook advertising is a must. | BloggingBistro.comBut since the reach of organic (free) posts to Facebook Pages is now 1-6 percent of your fans, Facebook ads have become the primary way for businesses to get noticed on Facebook.

Yesterday I enrolled as a “founding member” (aka, beta tester) in Rick Mulready’s new pilot course, “The FB Advantage Local.” In approximately one month, I’ll be equipped to train our brick-and-mortar business clients how to create Facebook ad campaigns that convert like crazy.

As I go through the course, I’ll share with you the interesting things I’m learning. Which brings me to today’s topic.

Thematic vs. Mash-Up

On Blogging Bistro’s Facebook Page (and on our other social channels), I’m experimenting with “batching” our daily tips thematically. This week (July 25-August 1, 2016), the theme is Facebook Ads (what a coincidence!). Each day, I’ll post a short tip and/or link to a helpful article related to Facebook advertising.

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Survey Says…

Would you take 10 seconds, right now, to give me feedback? I’d like to know whether you like thematic “batching,” or prefer to see a mash-up of social media and blogging tips (my usual method). Or, whether you don’t read my tips on Facebook at all (be honest; I can take it), and would rather read them here on the blog.

I want to deliver social media tips and tutorials in the way that’s most convenient for you. So, please check the boxes in the survey below – that’ll help me tweak my strategy for upcoming blog posts and social updates.
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Send your questions

Also, since I’m committed to mastering Facebook ads for local businesses, I want to know exactly what questions, challenges, and frustrations you’re having in this area.

Rick’s beta course will be delivered as a series of live webinars, and those of us who are participating will have the opportunity to pick his brain, pepper him with questions, and help him shape the course that he’ll launch later this year. So your input here is SUPER important.

Please post any and all questions about Facebook ads in the Comments, or if you’re shy, zap me (Laura) an email:

I appreciate your questions and feedback!


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