[Facebook Live] Four Strangers, 3 Airplanes, and 1 Hot Taxi

Welcome to Marketing Munchies, Episode #2. In this episode, I share a wacky experience I had this Saturday on Alaska Airlines – a day that resulted in several delightful unexpected bonuses.

I thought you’d rather hear my story than read it, so I recorded it on Facebook Live.

Here’s Episode #2 (scroll below the video to read the Show Notes and view the pictures):

Stuff I learned about Facebook Live

The prevailing advice among online marketers is for Facebook Live videos to be at least 10-to-20 minutes long, to give people time to figure out you’re live and join in. This video is exactly 20 minutes.

I don’t worry about the length, since my followers are more likely to watch the replay, either on my blog or on my Facebook page.

I appreciate the critiques people sent for Episode #1, and I made some improvements based on your suggestions.

Spring Mount

I bought a spring mount for my smartphone, which allows me to easily mount it on a tripod. Love it; it’s perfect.

Spring Mount


I moved my “studio” from the dining room table to the living room, which has slightly better WiFi reception. There’s still some pixelation throughout this video, but it’s not as bad as the first episode. Hopefully, I’ll find an even better location for episode #3!

On my Facebook Live wishlist: Please, Facebook, add the ability to record with a webcam, which I can hook up to my laptop and a reliable broadband connection.

Testing on Personal Timeline

A friend who does a lot of live video advised me to test my video on my personal Facebook profile. Before I began filming, I set the post to Private, or Only Me. I let the private video run for 10 minutes or so and then watched the replay to make sure I was connected and that everything looked as good as I could make it look, given my limited lighting resources (two table lamps).

Right before I started the “real” video, I switched over to my Facebook Page and filmed it from there.


It Never Hurts to Ask

I titled this episode, “It Never Hurts to Ask,” because that’s my motto.

What’s the worst thing that can happen if you ask for a perk?

The person you’re asking says, “No.”

In my experience, asking for a freebie, a discount, or a helping hand almost always results in a “Yes.” Which is exactly what happened during my Alaska Airlines adventure this Saturday.

It started with me saying, “Yes,” when Alaska Airlines asked me to do them a favor.

It continued with multiple “Yesses” from Tracy Ackerman (Alaska Airlines supervisory gate agent… I am making up this title, as I have no recollection of Tracy’s title).

It went even further when we brushed shoulders with Mike Epps, a kind random stranger who we later learned is a well-known stand-up comedian/rapper/actor/producer.


Here are some pictures I referenced while I was telling the story on Facebook Live.

This first one is pretty obvious: the deserted TSA security checkpoint at the Colorado Springs airport. When I saw the lineless line, I thought, “This is going to be a very good day.”

Little did I know what the day held in store!

TSA Security Checkpoint at Colorado Springs AirportNext, we have Colleen, Melannie, and Susan retrieving their checked bags, which were then re-checked on another flight to Seattle. Melannie (center) is not thrilled that her bags were never taken off the plane, and that instead, she was offered the bags of a soldier who was flying to Boise, Idaho.

Retrieving checked bagsHere’s Denver International Airport, snapped from my 100-degree seat in the back of the minivan taxi. I texted this picture to my husband with the message, “We’re almost there! We just might make our flight.”

Denver International AirportAnd finally, here’s the whole gang (Laura, Colleen, Susan, Melannie) at 11 p.m. at LAX. Bedraggled. Exhausted. Exhilarated. Four women who’d been total strangers 11 hours earlier, now bound together by friendship and a crazy adventure!

Four new friends at LAXChime In

Have you had a wacky travel experience that changed your life for the better? Tell us about it in the Comments.

And please, let me know what you think of Marketing Munchies.

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