The ABCs of SEO [Infographic]

When I first glanced at today’s infographic I thought, “Wow, that’s one crazy, cluttered infographic!”

But then I took a closer look. I ended up reading the entire infographic and declared, “This is one of the most cleverly designed, informative infographics I’ve seen in ages.”

SEO Glossary InfographicI asked the folks at Creative Meerkat design agency if I could share it with you, and they replied, “Of course.”

The infographic is an A-to-Z primer on Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO.

When I mention SEO to our clients, they almost always scratch their heads and mumble, “Uh, what’s SEO? How do I make it work for me?”

In laymen’s terms, SEO refers to the tactics you use to get search engines such as Google and Bing to find and rank your web pages, blog posts, and social media updates.

Proper SEO techniques will help people find you when they “google” key words associated with your site.

I hope you’ll find this SEO primer as helpful as I did. At the Red Square SEO blog, there’s an extensive SEO glossary (scroll below the infographic on their blog to see the glossary).

Want more infographics?

If you’d like to see more infographics on, please let me know in the comments. What specific types of infographics would be most helpful?

SEO Alphabet Infographic

SEO Alphabet – An infographic by Creative Meerkat

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  • This is fantastic! Now if you would just write a dictionary to explain the terms they only listed we’d be in good shape.

  • I’ll get right on that, Mindy! 🙂