How University Students Can Earn Money Through Blogging (Guest Post)

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Life as a student in today’s economy is expensive. Students have to pay for books, tuition, housing and food. They spend money when they go out with friends, and soon the bills start to add up.

If you are a student, finding a job is difficult if not impossible. However, opportunities to make money on the Internet are wide open. For instance, many students sell used items online, work as a freelance writer, or blog for money.

Why blogging?

Blogging is one way to earn extra cash. But before we discuss how students can make money blogging, let’s look at why they blog:

1. They can set their own schedule. They can blog while waiting for the next class, or when taking a break from reading or working on an assignment.

2. They are already Internet savvy as they know the technical side of setting up a blog.

3. It is free.,, and are three popular platforms for blogging. All they need to do is to register, select a template and theme, and they are ready to post their writing to the world.

4. They can link their blog to their social media account to drum up traffic. Practically every student has a Facebook and Twitter account. Finding an audience is seldom a problem.

5. They can increase their literacy skills when blogging constantly. Anyone can sharpen their writing skills. For instance, a photography student can showcase his or her macro collection with descriptions to build a portfolio and to increase online presence.

What topics to blog about?

As a student, you have an unlimited number of subjects to blog about, such as being away from home, dealing with friendships and personal relationships, campus life and hobbies. Blogging about what you are passionate about is not only fun, but it is a great motivator to continue producing fresh content.

The best part of blogging is writing about what you really know and love. Your writing will come across as being engaging, honest and realistic. Online readers can find a reason to relate, and will continue to read further. Soon they will tell their friends about it, and your blog traffic will increase.

How to start making money through blogging

Once you have written enough content, it is time to prepare your blog to generate cash. Here are the steps:

1. Sign up with Google AdSense. This program allows you to showcase advertisements tailored to your content. When visitors read your content they will see the ads. If they like what they see in the ad, they will click on it, and each time they click it will earn you money.

2. Advertise products on your blog. Similar to Google AdSense, you need to register with before you can display their ads.

3. Be an affiliate to your favourite product or service. Many businesses look for affiliates to market their products through other people’s blogs. For example, if you are using a certain product to solve your problem, check out the manufacture’s website. Chances are they need affiliates. You can earn additional money when you write a review about their product in your blog and include links in it for the reader to click.

As a student, blogging is relaxing, and allows you to make money at the same time. So, what kind of subjects are you interested to blog about? And, if you are already blogging, what topics receive the most traffic?


Isaac Bullen works in search marketing and writes for a number of organisations on varying subjects such as social media through individual university courses such as the international relations degrees offered by Richmond University in London.

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