How to Quickly Resize Images for your Facebook Photo Strip

Post Update: Picnik went out of business April 19, 2012. Another free web-based photo editing site we recommend (similar to Picnik) is

Also, Facebook Timeline has replaced the photo strip. Please read our tutorial, How to Customize the Apps Boxes in Your Facebook Fan Page’s Timeline.


I’ve been tinkering with the photo strip on my Facebook Business (fan) Page – those five thumbnail-sized images that display in random order across the top of the Wall.

After ripping handfuls of my hair out, I’ve finally found a quick ‘n easy way for the average bear (or person) to crop and scale a regular-sized image into a 98 x 68px thumbnail.

Here’s what to do:

Go to This is a free web-based photo editor (now owned by Google). You do not have to set up an account to use Picnik. I didn’t.

Click “Get Started Now!” and then click the “Upload a Photo” button.

Select a photo from your hard drive or flash drive and click “Open.” Horizontal images are easier to work with than vertical ones if you’re cropping them to fit on your Facebook photo ribbon.

I uploaded a stock photo I purchased from to use as an example.

In Picnik, click “Crop.”

In the “Actual Size” field, type in the dimensions 98 x 68 and click the “Scale Photo” radio button. Do NOT click “OK” yet.

As soon as you enter the dimensions and click “Scale Photo,” a cropping tool will appear inside of your photo (it may be small and hard to see like the one in the picture above, but it’s there). Click and drag to select the portion of the image to crop, and grab the handles on any corner of the picture to fine-tune your crop.

Before you click OK, double check to make sure the actual size of the image is 98x68px (that’s the correct size for the Facebook photo ribbon).

Click “OK.”

Click “Save and Share.”

Give your file a name. I called my picture “Like Button.” Picnik will save your file as a JPG.

There are numerous options for where to save and share the file:

  • Your computer’s hard drive
  • Google Buzz
  • Picasa Web Albums
  • Twitter
  • Flickr
  • Facebook
  • MySpace
  • PhotoBucket

You can also print your photo or e-mail it.

Upload Resized Images to Facebook

Once your photo is saved, log in to your Facebook Page and follow the instructions in my tutorial, How to Customize the Photo Ribbon on Your Facebook Page.

Skip to the sub-heading in the tutorial that says, “Upload Photos” and follow the instructions from there to the end.

Share Your Photo Ribbon

Practice using Picnik to create custom images for your Facebook Page’s photo ribbon. After you’re done, please share a link to your Facebook Page so we can take a look.

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