How to Spice Up Your LinkedIn Profile and Company Page

network imageLiven up your LinkedIn profile and company page so you can stand out on the world’s largest professional social network (259 million users and counting). Check out these articles and infographic to take your account to the next level:

  • 10 most overused words in LinkedIn profiles
  • 10 simple steps to achieving All-Star status on LinkedIn
  • 5 ways to optimize your LinkedIn company page
  • What to do after you’ve set up your LinkedIn profile (infographic)


Avoid These 10 Overused Words in Your Profile

Make your LinkedIn profile shine by avoiding the The 10 Most Overused Words in LinkedIn Profiles, including creative and motivated. One commenter offers an excellent alternative to using these tired words: show, don’t tell. In other words, instead of saying you’re innovative, give concrete examples of your innovations.


LinkedIn All-Star Profile 110 Simple Steps to Achieving All-Star Status on LinkedIn

In the “olden days” of LinkedIn, the user’s goal was to create a “100 percent complete profile.” That challenge has been replaced with a prompt to achieve “All-Star” profile strength. This Blogging Bistro tutorial will walk you through ten things you need to do to get the coveted All-Star designation.


Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page

Learn how to get the most out of your company’s LinkedIn page with Stephanie Simmons’ article 5 Tips for Optimizing Your LinkedIn Company Page. Explore clever ways to make use of the products and services boxes on your company page and learn the nuances of writing updates for your newsfeed. (For an example of a company page, check out the Blogging Bistro LinkedIn Company Page.)


What to Do After You’ve Set Up Your LinkedIn Profile (Infographic)

Congratulations! You’ve set up your LinkedIn profile and achieved All-Star Status. Don’t stop there—use LinkedIn to build relationships with your clients and prospects. This infographic “I have a LinkedIn Profile, Now What?” will walk you through the next steps of using LinkedIn, from exploring opportunities to engaging your connections.

I Have A LinkedIn Profile, Now What? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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