How to Share Facebook Profile Updates to a Business Page

By Laura Christianson

Readers: This post was updated in January 2014 to reflect Facebook’s most recent changes.

You can Share Facebook updates, links, videos, and photos from your personal timeline to any brand/fan page you administer. You can also share to Facebook Groups, on a friend’s timeline, and in a private message.

Here’s how:

  • Log in to your Facebook personal timeline.
  • Click the “Home” button (upper righthand corner of your screen)
  • In your News Feed, you’ll see other people’s updates.
  • Look for the “Share” link below each update.
  • Click “Share.”

A pop-up box will appear, and you can choose from five sharing options:

  1. On your own timeline
  2. On a friend’s timeline
  3. In a group
  4. On a page you manage
  5. In a private Message
Share This Status

For Admins of Multiple Pages

I administer multiple Facebook pages, and when I tried to Share “On Your Page,” it defaulted to the Page that’s first on the list of pages I admin.

To force Facebook to Share to a different Page, select the correct Page from a second menu that will pop up after you choose “On your Page.”

Whether you choose to share to your brand Page, to a friend’s timeline, or to a Group, etc. you can (and should) “write something” – in other words, explain why you’re sharing the update, before you click the “Share” button.

If you decide not to share the link/update/photo/video, you can always “Cancel.”

Not Working for You?

Some readers of this tutorial have notified me that they are unable to share posts from their personal timeline to a fan page (as of early 2014). I re-tested the instructions and they are working for me. However, just because it works for me doesn’t mean it works for everybody on Facebook (even though it should). I’m  guessing there’s a glitch somewhere in the Facebook system that is affecting some users.

If you are having problems sharing to your brand page, try customizing the following four settings. From your page’s Admin Panel, click Edit Page > Edit Settings.

Activate the following four settings:

  1. Everyone can post to [this page’s] timeline.
  2. Everyone can add photos and videos to [this page’s] timeline.
  3. Posts by others appear on my Page timeline.
  4. Privacy control for posts is turned off.

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    Edit your Page Settings > Posting Ability. Check the box that allows anyone to add photos/videos to your Page timeline.